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On February 11, 2010 the KU Faculty Senate passed a revised Open Access policy granting the University permission to deposit a copy of their scholarly work in an open access repository-- KU ScholarWorks. For more about the policy, "how to" documents, Q&A, addenda and more, please visit Open Access @ KU.

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  • The herpetofauna of the Babuyan Islands, Northern Philippines 

    Oliveros, Carl Hirang; Ota, Hidetoshi; Crombie, Ronald I.; Brown, Rafe M. (Natural History Museum, University of Kansas, 2011)
    We document 52 species of amphibians and reptiles from the Babuyan Islands in the northern Philippines. Among these records, 12 species are endemic to the Babuyan Islands and another 18 are endemic to the Philippines. ...
  • Multitasking in older adults with type 2 diabetes: A cross-sectional analysis 

    Rucker, Jason L.; McDowd, Joan M.; Mahnken, Jonathan D.; Burns, Jeffrey M.; Sabus, Carla H.; Britton-Carpenter, Amanda J.; Utech, Nora B.; Kluding, Patricia M. (Public Library of Science, 2017-10-18)
    Deficits in the ability to multitask contribute to gait abnormalities and falls in many at-risk populations. However, it is unclear whether older adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM) also demonstrate impairments in ...
  • Mammals [of Monteverde]—2000–2017 

    Timm, Robert M.; LaVal, Richard K. (2018-02)
  • Examining public knowledge and preferences for adult preventive services coverage 

    Williams, Jessica A. R.; Ortiz, Selena E. (Public Library of Science, 2017-12-20)
    Introduction: To examine (1) what individuals know about the existing adult preventive service coverage provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and (2) which preventive services individuals think should be covered ...
  • Francisella tularensis Confronts the Complement System 

    Brock, Susan R.; Parmely, Michael J. (Frontiers Media, 2017-12-19)
    Francisella tularensis has developed a number of effective evasion strategies to counteract host immune defenses, not the least of which is its ability to interact with the complement system to its own advantage. Following ...

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