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On February 11, 2010 the KU Faculty Senate passed a revised Open Access policy granting the University permission to deposit a copy of their scholarly work in an open access repository-- KU ScholarWorks. For more about the policy, "how to" documents, Q&A, addenda and more, please visit Open Access @ KU.

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  • Search for High-energy Neutrinos from Binary Neutron Star Merger GW170817 with ANTARES, IceCube, and the Pierre Auger Observatory 

    ANTARES Collaboration; IceCube Collaboration; The Pierre Auger Collaboration; LIGO Scientific Collaboration; Virgo Collaboration (American Astronomical Society, 2017-12-01)
    The Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo observatories recently discovered gravitational waves from a binary neutron star inspiral. A short gamma-ray burst (GRB) that followed the merger of this binary was also recorded by the ...
  • Multi-messenger Observations of a Binary Neutron Star Merger 

    LIGO Scientific Collaboration; Virgo Collaboration; Fermi GBM; IceCube Collaboration; AstroSat Cadmium Zinc Telluride Imager Team; IPN Collaboration; The Insight-Hxmt Collaboration; ANTARES Collaboration; The Swift Collaboration; AGILE Team; The 1M2H Team; The Dark Energy Camera GW-EM Collaboration; DES Collaboration; DLT40 Collaboration; GRAWITA; ATCA; ASKAP; as Cumbres Observatory Group; OzGrav; DWF; AST3 Collaboration; CAASTRO Collaboration; VINROUGE Collaboration; J-GEM (American Astronomical Society, 2017-10-16)
    On 2017 August 17 a binary neutron star coalescence candidate (later designated GW170817) with merger time 12:41:04 UTC was observed through gravitational waves by the Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo detectors. The Fermi ...
  • High-precision, non-invasive anti-microvascular approach via concurrent ultrasound and laser irradiation 

    Hu, Zizhong; Zhang, Haonan; Mordovanakis, Aghapi; Paulus, Yannis M.; Liu, Qinghuai; Wang, Xueding; Yang, Xinmai (Nature Research, 2017-01-11)
    Antivascular therapy represents a proven strategy to treat angiogenesis. By applying synchronized ultrasound bursts and nanosecond laser irradiation, we developed a novel, selective, non-invasive, localized antivascular ...
  • Identification of novel small molecule Beclin 1 mimetics activating autophagy 

    Yu, Jia; Lan, Lan; Lewin, Seth J.; Rogers, Steven A.; Roy, Anuradha; Wu, Xiaoqing; Gao, Philip; Karanicolas, John; Aubé, Jeffrey; Sun, Baiwang; Xu, Liang (Impact Journals, 2017-05-18)
    Anti-apoptotic proteins Bcl-2 and Bcl-xL could block autophagy by binding to Beclin 1 protein, an essential inducer of autophagy. Compounds mimicking Beclin 1 might be able to disrupt Bcl-xL/2-Beclin 1 interaction, free ...
  • un/reliable reflections: The burden of reliability and the refuge of unreliability 

    Brooks Kieffer, Jamene (2018-10)
    Under the umbrella title “un/reliable reflections,” the two parts address burnout by comparing expectations for the reliability of computing and of data librarians. The first part, “The Burden of Reliability,” invokes ...

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