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On February 11, 2010 the KU Faculty Senate passed a revised Open Access policy granting the University permission to deposit a copy of their scholarly work in an open access repository-- KU ScholarWorks. For more about the policy, "how to" documents, Q&A, addenda and more, please visit Open Access @ KU.

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  • International Experiences in International Cities with David Easley 

    Easley, David (Center for East Asian Studies, University of Kansas, 2018-06-01)
    David Easley talks about how he became interested in studying Chinese, managed a difficult electromagnetics course at Hong Kong University, and used three languages to have a conversation at a barbecue on Penghu Island.
  • Overcoming Barriers to Enjoy the Little Things With Aaron McIntyre 

    McIntyre, Aaron (Center for East Asian Studies, University of Kansas, 2018-05-21)
    This interview is part of the KU Center for East Asian Studies Study Abroad Impact Interview Series. Aaron McIntyre reflects on overcoming language barriers, the value of making mistakes, visiting with locals in a Shanxi ...
  • The social complexities of disability: Discrimination, belonging and life satisfaction among Canadian youth 

    Daley, Angela; Phipps, Shelley; Branscombe, Nyla R. (Elsevier, 2018-08)
    Although disability has been on the psychological agenda for some time, there is limited empirical evidence on the life satisfaction of youth with a disability, especially the effect of discrimination and factors that might ...
  • Leveraging Elsevier’s Creative Commons License Requirement to Undermine Embargo 

    Bolick, Josh (Clemson University Press, 2018-08-07)
    In the last round of author-sharing policy revisions, Elsevier created a labyrinthine title-by-title embargo structure requiring embargoes from 12 to 48 months for authors sharing via institutional repository (IR), while ...
  • Chu-lu : a northern Sung ceramic legacy 

    Xie, Margaret Carney (University of Kansas, 1989)
    In 1108 A.D., Chu-lu Hsien and neighboring areas, all located in China's present-day southern Hopei Province, were inundated by a flood of the Yellow River. Northern Sung Chu-lu, including its ceramics, remained preserved, ...

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