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  • Improving Highway Work Zone Safety 

    Li, Yue; Chan, Mark; Firman, Umar; Finger, Kris; Mills, Megan M.; Bai, Yong; Schrock, Steven D.; Chong, Oswald; Atchley, Paul; Perlmutter, David D. (University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc., 2009-01)
    Highway work zones disrupt normal traffic flow and can create severe safety problems. Due to the rising needs in highway maintenance and construction in the United States, the number of work zones is increasing nationwide. ...
  • Mitigation of Collapse Risk in Vulnerable Concrete Buildings 

    Matchulat, Lisa (University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc., 2009-02)
    The goal of this study is to investigate the collapse risk of reinforced concrete building columns constructed prior to the mid-1970’s, subjected to cyclic lateral loading. These columns have reinforcement details deemed ...
  • Stainless Steel Reinforcement as a Replacement for Epoxy Coated Steel in Bridge Decks 

    Lafikes, James; Storm, Scott; Darwin, David; Browning, JoAnn; O’Reilly, Matthew (University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc., 2011-10-31)
  • Crack Surveys of Low-Cracking High-Performance Concrete Bridge Decks in Kansas 2009-2010 

    Pendergrass, Benjamin; Darwin, David; Browning, JoAnn P. (University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc., 2011-10)
    The specifications for the construction of Low-Cracking High-Performance Concrete (LC-HPC) bridge decks are summarized and the survey procedure used for analysis of cracking performance of bridge decks is described. Thirteen ...
  • Use of Shrinkage Reducing Admixtures and Lightweight Concrete in Virginia Bridge Decks - 2014 

    Polley, Grant; Feng, Muzai; Khajehdehi, Rouzbeh; Alhmood, Abdallah; Al-Qassag, Osama; Darwin, David (University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc., 2014-01)
    Crack surveys were performed on nine bridge decks in Virginia. Five decks were constructed with a shrinkage reducing admixture (SRA), three were constructed with lightweight concrete, and one is used as a control. Seven ...

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