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    • Prosumer Nanogrids: A Cybersecurity Assessment 

      Dafalla, Yousif; Liu, Bo; Hahn, Dalton A.; Wu, Hongyu; Ahmadi, Reza; Bardas, Alexandru G. (IEEE, 2020-07-15)
      Nanogrids are customer deployments that can generate and inject electricity into the power grid. These deployments are based on behind-the-meter renewable energy resources and are labeled as “prosumer setups”, allowing ...
    • Involvement in the criminal justice system among attendees of an urban mental health center 

      Anderson, Allyson; von Esenwein, Silke; Spaulding, Anne; Druss, Benjamin (BMC, 2015-02-25)
      Background Incarceration rates for people with serious mental illnesses are higher than the general population. However, research has been limited in regards to patterns of incarcerations for patients treated in public ...
    • Climate Decision-Making 

      Orlove, Ben; Shwom, Rachael; Markowitz, Ezra; Cheong, So-Min (Annual Reviews, 2020-06-08)
      Climate change decision-making has emerged in recent decades as an area of research and practice, expanding on an earlier focus on climate policy. Defined as the study of decisions relevant for climate change, it draws on ...
    • Conversion of Abandoned Property to Green Space as a Strategy to Mitigate the Urban Heat Island Investigated with Numerical Simulations 

      Cady, Timothy J.; Rahn, David A.; Brunsell, Nathaniel A.; Lyles, Ward (AMS, 2020-11-01)
      Impervious surfaces and buildings in the urban environment alter the radiative balance and surface energy exchange and can lead to warmer temperatures known as the urban heat island (UHI), which can increase heat-related ...
    • Students’ Static Activities in relation to Campus Quad Design and Layout: Exploring Gender-based Differences 

      Rashid, Mahbub; Obeidat, Bushra (City Space Architecture, 2020-01-31)
      This study explores the relationships of campus quad design and layout with students’ static activities focusing on gender differences. Students’ static activities were observed at 8914 locations during 390 rounds of ...
    • Obituary: Wendy Herd (1973-2020) 

      Jongman, Allard; Sereno, Joan A. (Acoustical Society of America, 2020)
    • Dispersal limitation and fire feedbacks maintain mesic savannas in Madagascar 

      Goel, Nikunj; Van Vleck, Erik S.; Aleman, Julie C.; Staver, A. Carla (Wiley, 2020-09-02)
      Madagascar is regarded by some as one of the most degraded landscapes on Earth, with estimates suggesting that 90% of forests have been lost to indigenous Tavy farming. However, the extent of this degradation has been ...
    • A nucleation framework for transition between alternate states: Short-circuiting barriers to ecosystem recovery 

      Michaels, Theo K.; Eppinga, Maarten B.; Bever, James D. (Wiley, 2020-05-23)
      The theory of alternate stable states provides an explanation for rapid ecosystem degradation, yielding important implications for ecosystem conservation and restoration. However, utilizing this theory to initiate transitions ...
    • Branched actin networks are assembled on microtubules by adenomatous polyposis coli for targeted membrane protrusion 

      Efimova, Nadia; Yang, Changsong; Chia, Jonathan X.; Li, Ning; Lengner, Christopher J.; Neufeld, Kristi L.; Svitkina, Tatyana M. (Rockefeller University Press, 2020-06-29)
      Cell migration is driven by pushing and pulling activities of the actin cytoskeleton, but migration directionality is largely controlled by microtubules. This function of microtubules is especially critical for neuron ...
    • The Importance of Lower Body Strength and Power for Future Success in Professional Men’s Basketball 

      Čabarkapa, Dimitrije; Fry, Andrew C.; Lane, Michael T.; Hudy, Andrea; Dietz, Patricia R.; Cain, Glen J.; Andre, Matthew J. (Paneuropean University Apeiron, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2020)
      Heavy resistance exercise is often prescribed for collegiate basketball players to enhance game performance, but few data are available concerning the transference of lower body strength and power to the opportunity to ...
    • A Prototype Comparison of Human Trafficking Warning Signs: U.S. Midwest Frontline Workers’ Perceptions 

      Schwarz, Corinne; Xing, Chong; Britton, Hannah E.; Johnson, Paul E. (Taylor & Francis, 2020-11-01)
      Guided by the cognitive prototype approach, this article examines the prototype structure of the frontline workers’ perceptions concerning warning sign indicators in human trafficking. Online survey responses across a range ...
    • KS42 Harvey County, KS 

      Johnson, D. Chris; Lunte, Gabi (2001)
      KU Questionnaire responses recorded in 2001 for the Mennonite Plautdietsch (East Low German) dialect of Hesston, KS. Female speaker, born in 1915.
    • KS41 Russell County, Kansas 

      Khramova, Maria (2007)
      Wenker sentences and a conversation about some of the Russian borrowings in the dialect recorded in 2007 for the Volga German (West Middle German) dialect of Milberger, KS. Female speaker, born in 1924.
    • MO17 St. Charles County, Missouri 

      Keel, William D.; Lunte, Gabi; Johnson, D. Chris (2000)
      KU Questionnaire responses and two words of interest recorded in 2000 for the Westphalian (West Low German) dialect of Cappeln, MO. Male speaker born in 1919.
    • MO14 St. Charles County, Missouri 

      Keel, William D.; Lunte, Gabi; Johnson, D. Chris (2000)
      KU Questionnaire responses and a word of interest recorded in 2000 for the Westphalian (West Low German) dialect of Augusta, MO. Male speaker born in 1925.
    • MO13 St. Charles County, Missouri 

      Keel, William D.; Lunte, Gabi; Johnson, D. Chris (2000)
      KU Questionnaire responses recorded in 2000 for the Westphalian (West Low German) dialect of Femme Osage, MO. Male speaker born in 1932.
    • MO11 Lafayette County, Missouri 

      Keel, William D. (1993)
      Wenker sentences, a short conversation, and a few words of interest recorded in 1993 for the Eastphalian (West Low German) dialect of Emma, MO. Female speaker born in 1926.
    • MO06 Benton County, Missouri 

      Keel, William D.; Lunte, Gabi; Johnson, D. Chris (2000)
      KU Questionnaire responses and an additional word of interest recorded in 2000 for the North Low Saxon (West Low German) Plattdüütsch dialect of Cole Camp, Missouri. Male speaker born in 1920.
    • Distinct composition and amplification dynamics of transposable elements in sacred lotus (Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.) 

      Cerbin, Stefan; Ou, Shujun; Li, Yang; Sun, Yanni; Jiang, Ning (Wiley, 2022-08-12)
      Sacred lotus (Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.) is a basal eudicot plant with a unique lifestyle, physiological features, and evolutionary characteristics. Here we report the unique profile of transposable elements (TEs) in the ...
    • Exposing Pharmacy Students to Public Health Concepts through Volunteering in the Medical Reserve Corps 

      Rondeau, Hunter O.; Emerson, Robert L.; Gadbois, Natalie R. (University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing, 2022-08-15)
      Pharmacy students at the University of Kansas School of Pharmacy’s regional campus were exposed to the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC), a volunteer-based network that organizes locally to improve the health and safety of their ...