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Research at KU School of Business

The researchers at the KU School of Business are a community of scholars dedicated to producing high-impact fundamental and applied research. They pursue a diverse mix of topics, including uncertain reasoning, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, behavioral finance, venture capital, international finance, market microstructure, optimum methods of compensation, visual perception and its impact on designing commercial stimuli, economics of the auditing profession, effects of financial reporting rule changes, internet dissemination of financial information, audit and information security risk, information quality assessment, causes and effects of restating financial statements, processual theory of leadership, effects of CEO compensation and characteristics on the firm’s strategy and performance, international and cross-cultural management, human resource management, self-efficacy and well-being, professional career choice and change.

In addition to the University General Research Fund, our research is funded by grants from various public and private sources, such as National Science Foundation, Department of Education, Missile Defense Agency, Kauffman foundation, Kansas Action for Children, and Ernst and Young.

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