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  • Confidently Accessing Research in a Turbulent Time 

    Shulenburger, David E. (2019-04-23)
    This paper examines the insidious, largely ingrown, practices that have turned our most useful tool for sharing the fruits of our research, the scholarly communications system, into a bit of a mess. It reviews the ...
  • Publications as predictors of racial and ethnic differences in NIH research awards 

    Ginther, Donna K.; Basner, Jodi; Jensen, Unni; Schnell, Joshua; Kington, Raynard; Schaffer, Walter T. (Public Library of Science, 2018-11-14)
    This research expands efforts to understand differences in NIH funding associated with the self-identified race and ethnicity of applicants. We collected data from 2,397 NIH Biographical Sketches submitted between FY 2003 ...
  • Estimating the Output Gap for Saudi Arabia 

    Alkhareif, Ryadh M.; Barnett, William A.; Alsadoun, Nayef (Canadian Center of Science and Education, 2017)
    The objective of this paper is to estimate annual potential output growth and the output gap for the Saudi economy over the period 1980 to 2015, looking at both total output and non-oil output. The focus on the latter is ...
  • Has the Dollar Peg Served the Saudi Economy Well? 

    Alkhareif, Ryadh M.; Barnett, William A.; Qualls, John H. (Macrothink Institute, 2017)
    There are three major objectives of this paper: first, to examine the various exchange rate regimes and arrangements that have emerged over the last 40 years since the collapse of the Bretton Woods Agreement, focusing ...
  • The Impact of Women’s Health Clinic Closures on Fertility 

    Lu, Yao; Slusky, David (MIT University Press, 2018)
    In recent years, the government of Texas has enacted multiple restrictions and funding limitations on women’s health organizations affiliated with the provision of abortion services. These policies have caused numerous ...
  • With and without the tracks: how railroad access impacts gas price elasticity 

    Kaechele, Alex; Slusky, David (Taylor & Francis, 2017-11-03)
    Since 2011, gas prices have fallen 43%, raising the question of how different communities adjust their vehicle miles traveled. Data from the National Household Travel Survey’s EPA fuel economy database and the Energy ...
  • Joint aggregation over money and credit card services under risk 

    Barnett, William A.; Su, Liting (Economics Bulletin, 2016-11-29)
    We present a measurement of the correlation between the spins of t and ¯t quarks produced in proton–antiproton collisions at the Tevatron Collider at a center-of-mass energy of 1.96TeV. We apply a matrix element technique ...
  • Second Trimester Sunlight and Asthma: Evidence from Two Independent Studies 

    Wernerfelt, Nils; Slusky, David; Zeckhauser, Richard (MIT Press, 2017-04-25)
    One in 12 Americans suffers from asthma, and its annual costs are estimated to exceed $50 billion. Yet the root causes of the disease remain unknown. A recent hypothesis posits that maternal vitamin D levels during pregnancy ...
  • Defunding women’s health clinics exacerbates Hispanic disparity in preventive care 

    Slusky, David (Elsevier, 2017-07-01)
    To prevent abortions, many states have cut funding for women’s health, reducing access, including to preventive care. Merging BRFSS data with clinic locations from a network of women’s health clinics, this paper estimates ...
  • Are Race, Ethnicity, and Medical School Affiliation Associated with NIH R01 Type Award Probability for Physician Investigators? 

    Ginther, Donna K.; Haak, Laurel L.; Schaffer, Walter T.; Kington, Raynard (Association of American Medical Colleges, 2012-11)
    PURPOSE: To analyze the relationship among NIH R01 Type 1 applicant degree, institution type, and race/ethnicity, and application award probability. METHOD: The authors used 2000–2006 data from the NIH IMPAC II grants ...
  • Advertising methods of retail hardware stores in Kansas 

    Warren, William Turner (University of Kansas, 1932)
  • Labor Impacts of the Enforcement of the Clean Water Act 

    Raff, Zach (University of Kansas, 2016-08-31)
    This dissertation is the collection of three papers that each examines a specific labor impact of the enforcement of the Clean Water Act. The chapters of the dissertation all use panel data from a unique survey of chemical ...
  • A study of oil company bonds 

    Scruggs, John Henry (University of Kansas, 1928)
  • The Wichita grain market 

    Janzen, Abraham Ewell (University of Kansas, 1927)
  • Three Essays on the Employment of Veterans 

    Ayan, Davut Emrah (University of Kansas, 2016-08-31)
    This dissertation consists of three chapters; each chapter is organized as a separate essay. All three essays focus on the effect of the military service on the civilian labor market performance of veterans. Chapter 1 ...
  • Development of the flour milling industry in Kansas 

    Johns, Vernon O. (University of Kansas, 1926)
  • The Predictability of Exchange Rates 

    Tumturk, Oguz (University of Kansas, 2016-05-31)
    This study investigates the predictability of exchange rates by using the long horizon regression approach (or sometimes called the Error Correction Model (ECM)) derived from the Vector Error Correction Model (VECM) for ...
  • Essays on Government Spending and Employment 

    Teney, Alexander (University of Kansas, 2016-05-31)
    In Chapter 1, I examine the "twin deficits" hypothesis in a new light by pooling data from highly developed open economies to create a representative global economy. Previous work on twin deficits has yielded mixed evidence ...
  • Three Essays on Divisia Monetary Aggregates and GDP Nowcasting 

    Tang, Biyan (University of Kansas, 2016-05-31)
    GDP data are published quarterly with a substantial lag, while many other monetary and financial decisions are made at higher frequencies. GDP nowcasting can evaluate the current quarter’s GDP growth rate given the available ...
  • Essays in Labor Ecnomics 

    Milakhina, Daria (University of Kansas, 2016-05-31)
    This dissertation studies various aspects of labor economics, such as subjective well-being, the effects of pronatalist policies as well as tools that are helpful for economic analysis such as using incentives in surveys. ...

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