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  • Information Literacy Assignment: COMS496 

    Becker, Jill K.; Simmons, Samantha B.; Mapes, Meggie (2019-03)
    These assignments were developed for Communication Studies (COMS) 496: Capstone in Digital Rhetoric, but can be adapted to any subject area. The first is a discussion guide meant to introduce students to the concept of a ...
  • Information Literacy Assignment: FMS302/702 

    Back, Andi; Mahan, Natalie; Miner, Joshua (2019-03)
    This assignment was developed for a cross-listed Film & Media Studies and Indigenous Studies course called Indigenous Film & Media (FMS302/702). This is a group project that asks students to reconcile visual and rhetorical ...
  • Information Literacy Assignment: FMS316/716 & LAA315/702 

    Becker, Jill K.; Reyes, Betsaida M.; Falicov, Tamara L. (2019-03)
    This assignment was developed for a cross-listed Film & Media Studies and Latin American and Caribbean Studies course called "Cinema of the Southern Cone," but can be adapted to any subject area. It is intended to be ...
  • Review of "Well, What Came Next? Selections from ArchivesNext , 2007–2017" 

    Huggard, Marcella (Society of American Archivists, 2018-12)
  • Family Stories 

    Huggard, Marcella (Society of American Archivists, 2016-12)
    What’s an archivist to do when her parents leave her no archives?
  • Macro (Re)Appraisal: Does This Really Need to Come to the State Archives? 

    Huggard, Marcella (Society of American Archivists, 2016-03)
    The Kansas Historical Society had a six-month time period in which to shut down its State Records Center. Major tasks besides the physical shutdown of the center included transferring archival records to the State Archives ...
  • Research Support Services for the Field of the Indigenous Studies 

    Cornelius, Carrie E.; Peper, Michael T.; Morris, Sara E.; Orozco, Rebecca A. (2019)
    Indigenous Studies (IS) is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary field. The research practices and information needs of scholars within IS echo its interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary nature. While Indigenous ...
  • Recovering Untold Stories: An Enduring Legacy of the Brown v. Board of Education Decision 

    Brown Henderson, Cheryl; Dandridge, Deborah; Tidwell, John Edgar; Canady, Darren; Omni, Vincent (University of Kansas Libraries, 2018)
    "Recovering Untold Stories: An Enduring Legacy of the Brown v. Board of Education Decision" captures the first-person narratives of individuals who were plaintiffs or whose families were represented in the five cases ...
  • un/reliable reflections: The burden of reliability and the refuge of unreliability 

    Brooks Kieffer, Jamene (2018-10)
    Under the umbrella title “un/reliable reflections,” the two parts address burnout by comparing expectations for the reliability of computing and of data librarians. The first part, “The Burden of Reliability,” invokes ...
  • 50 for 50: Celebrating Fifty Years of Kenneth Spencer Research Library 

    Unknown author (KU Libraries, University of Kansas, 2018-11)
  • Git Going with LEGO: Tactile techniques for teaching text-based tools 

    Brooks Kieffer, Jamene; Albin, Tami (Kansas University Libraries, 2018-11-01)
    Git is arguably an essential tool of modern scholarship and research communication. It offers robust, distributed version control and mechanisms for collaboration and sharing through online platforms such as GitHub. Yet, ...
  • Digital Border-Crossing: Practical Advice for Digitization Projects that Transcend Borders 

    Healey, Elspeth; Radio, Erik; Reyes, Betsaida M.; Wehr, Jocelyn (Kansas University Libraries, 2015-10-01)
    The online environment makes all types of border-crossing possible, including sharing a library’s distinctive resources with audiences around the globe. This breakout session will explore practical advice gleaned from a ...
  • Making Room: Digitizing Your Scholarly Output 

    Wehr, Jocelyn (Kansas University Libraries, 2017-11-03)
    With an eye toward repurposing physical library space, the University of Kansas (KU) Libraries has moved forward with the digitization of post-1923 theses and dissertations created by its student body. This scholarly work ...
  • Reappraisal and Deaccessioning Practices in the United States and Canada (Dataset) 

    Huggard, Marcella; Uglean Jackson, Laura (2018-10-01)
    The objectives for this study were multifold: To learn how repositories conduct reappraisal and deaccessioning, including the processes involved; To learn how common these practices are and which types of repositories ...
  • A Case Study: You want to get what done when? Digitizing the Phog Allen Papers 

    Huggard, Marcella; Wehr, Jocelyn (Kansas University Libraries, 2018-09-27)
    How do you react when a crowdfunded project focused on a significant figure in your university’s history is successful? And when the collection needs extensive processing to prepare it for digitization and display? University ...
  • Pizzagate and a slice of free speech: Media literacy outside of the classroom 

    Branstiter, Callie Wiygul; Orozco, Rebecca; Orth-Alfie, Carmen; Younger, Karna (Association of College and Research Libraries, 2017)
    Since 2016, the public eye has turned to the problems of mis- and disinformation. As a result, many librarians sprang into action to spread the good news about information and media literacies. At the University of Kansas ...
  • Leveraging Elsevier’s Creative Commons License Requirement to Undermine Embargo 

    Bolick, Josh (Clemson University Press, 2018-08-07)
    In the last round of author-sharing policy revisions, Elsevier created a labyrinthine title-by-title embargo structure requiring embargoes from 12 to 48 months for authors sharing via institutional repository (IR), while ...
  • Information Literacy Practices of Spanish-Speaking Graduate Students at the University of Kansas 

    Reyes, Betsaida M.; Hicks, Allison; Maxson, Bronwen K. (Johns Hopkins University Press,, 2018-07)
    Recognizing the importance of designing educational opportunities that draw upon students' prior knowledge and experiences, this paper uses focus groups to explore how Spanish-speaking students in a graduate program at the ...
  • Sowing the Seeds of Journal Success: Cultivating Relationships with Journal Editors and Staff 

    Reed, Marianne A.; Rosenblum, Brian (Michigan Publishing, University of Michigan Library, 2017-07-01)
    Since 2007, the University of Kansas Libraries has provided support to the KU community for the management and distribution of online scholarly journals and other publications, and currents hosts over 20 scholarly journals. ...
  • University 101 Instructor Manual -- 2018 

    Becker, Jill K. (University of Kansas Libraries, 2018-08)
    The University 101 Information Literacy Unit Instructor Manual describes a three-day information literacy unit that is integrated into first-year experience courses at the University of Kansas.

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