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  • Pronominal System and Reference in Pulaar 

    Ba, Ibrahima (University of Kansas Department of Linguistics, 2015-12-20)
    This paper examines pronominal reference and the long-distance anaphor in Pulaar, a West African language spoken from Senegal to Niger and Cameroon. I am focusing on Toore, a dialect of Pulaar spoken in southern Senegal. ...
  • Factive Relative Clauses in Pulaar 

    Ba, Ibrahima (University of Kansas Department of Linguistics, 2015-12-20)
    In this paper shows that Headed Relative and Factive Relative have similar structure in sense that they have a similar word order and in all of them the complementizer agrees with the (null or overt) head NP in Spec,CP ...
  • Another Aspect of the Pair-List Reading in Japanese 

    Harada, Masashi (University of Kansas Department of Linguistics, 2015-12-20)
  • Reanalysis of the Anti-Superiority Effect 

    Harada, Masashi (University of Kansas Department of Linguistics, 2015-12-20)
  • Morphological Processing of Regular Verbs in Native French Speakers 

    Coughlin, Caitlin E.; Fiorentino, Robert; Spinelli, Elsa (University of Kansas Department of Linguistics, 2015-12-20)
  • Layers and operators in Lakota 

    Corral Esteban, Avelino (University of Kansas Department of Linguistics, 2015-12-20)
    Categories covering the expression of grammatical information such as aspect, negation, tense, mood, modality, etc., are crucial to the study of language universals. In this study, I will present an analysis of the syntax ...
  • Studies in Ibibio Grammar 

    Duncan, Philip T.; Aldamen, Hesham; Boley, Lucas; Brooks, Seth; Major, Travis; Udoinyang, Mfon; Martinez-Garcia, Maite; Newkirk, Lydia; Qin, Quentin; Rangel, Maria; Yan, Hanbo; Yeh, Wen-chi (University of Kansas, Department of Linguistics, 2014)
    This volume contains a collection of research about Ibibio, a Niger-Congo, Lower Cross language spoken in southeastern Nigeria. While there is previous linguistic work on Ibibio, this volume, to our knowledge, is the largest ...
  • The Pragmatics of Proverb Performance in Limonese Creole 

    Herzfeld, Anita (University of Kansas, Department of Linguistics, 1991)
  • Two Types of Noun Incorporation: A Lexical Analysis 

    Rosen, Sara Thomas (Linguistic Society of America, 1989-06-01)
    In recent work Noun Incorporation has been argued to result from head movement, in which the head of an object noun phrase moves into the verb, creating a complex verb. This paper argues instead that NI derives from word ...
  • Events and verb classification 

    Rosen, Sara Thomas (De Gruyter, 1996-01-01)
    See article for abstract.
  • Mayan Telegraphese: Intonational Determinants of Inflectional Development in Quiché Mayan 

    Pye, Clifton (Linguistic Society of America, 1983-09-01)
    See article for abstract.
  • The Acquisition of Quiche (Mayan) 

    Pye, Clifton (University of Chicago Press, 1979-06-01)
    No abstract is available for this item.
  • Reply to Bruno H. Repp 

    Lieberman, Philip; Katz, William; Jongman, Allard; Zimmerman, Roger; Miller, Mark (Acoustical Society of America, 1985-01-01)
    The reader will readily note that much of Repp’s criticism [J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 7 8, 1114–1116 (1985)] reflects his contention that there has been a procedural transgression on the part of the authors and the Society that ...
  • Knowledge and Obedience: The Developmental Status of the Binding Theory 

    Grimshaw, Jane; Rosen, Sara Thomas (Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press (MIT Press), 1990-04-05)
  • The acquisition of ergative languages 

    Pye, Clifton (De Gruyter Open, 1990-01-05)
    Ergative languages have challenged the ingenuity of linguists for more than a century. This article explores learnability problems associated with the acquisition of ergative languages. Traditionally, an ergative ...
  • Differential contribution of prosodic cues in the native and non-native segmentation of French speech 

    Tremblay, Annie; Coughlin, Caitlin E.; Bahler, Carly; Gaillard, Stephanie (De Gruyter Open, 2012-11-01)
    This study investigates the use of prosodic information in the segmentation of French speech by mid-level and high-level English second/foreign language (L2) learners of French and native French listeners. The results of ...
  • Acoustic analyses and perceptual data on anticipatory labial coarticulation in adults and children 

    Sereno, Joan A.; Baum, Shari R.; Marean, G. Cameron; Lieberman, Philip (Acoustical Society of America, 1987-03-05)
    The present study investigated anticipatory labial coarticulation in the speech of adults and children. CV syllables, composed of [s], [t], and [d] before [i] and [u], were produced by four adult speakers and eight child ...
  • Agreement without A positions: Another look at Algonquian 

    Ritter, Elizabeth; Rosen, Sara Thomas (Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press (MIT Press), 2005-10-05)
  • The genetic matrix of Mayan applicative acquisition 

    Pye, Clifton (De Gruyter Open, 2007-07-01)
    This article uses data on Mayan applicative constructions to demonstrate the use of a comparative method for language acquisition research. Mayan languages express indirect objects through an applicative suffix on verbs, ...
  • Language Loss in the Chilcotin 

    Pye, Clifton (De Gruyter Open, 1992-01-01)

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