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  • A qualitative study of how self-harm starts and continues among Chinese adolescents 

    Chen, Runsen; Wang, Yuanyuan; Liu, Li; Lu, Li; Wilson, Amanda; Gong, Shuxiao; Zhu, Yingrong; Sheng, Caihua; Zeng, Ying; Li, Yamin; Ou, Jianjun (Cambridge University Press, 2020-12-17)
    Background It is essential to investigate the experiences behind why adolescents start and continue to self-harm in order to develop targeted treatment and prevent future self-harming behaviours. Aims The aims of this ...
  • Investigating the relationship between individual differences and island sensitivity 

    Pham, Catherine; Covey, Lauren; Gabriele, Alison; Aldosari, Saad; Fiorentino, Robert (Ubiquity Press, 2020-09-17)
    It is well-attested that native speakers tend to give low acceptability ratings to sentences that involve movement from within islands, yet the source of island effects remains an active debate. The grammatical account ...
  • Automated phylogeny of Palaung dialects 

    Lee, Junsung (University of Kansas, Department of Linguistics, 2021-05-28)
    Improved methods in automatic cognate detection have recently been used by historical linguists to help determine the subgrouping of a clade of languages or dialects, capitalizing on the efficiency of computers when handling ...
  • Perception of the Salvadoran [sh] and [θ] by L2 Spanish Learners 

    Ramsburg, James (University of Kansas, Department of Linguistics, 2021-01-19)
    This paper addresses how adult learners of Spanish at a large US university perceive two common sibilants: [sh] and [θ]. While the L2 perception of these sounds has been thoroughly investigated in many varieties of Spanish, ...
  • Application of the Comparative Method to Morpheme-Final Nasals in Nivkh 

    Halm, Robert; Slater, Jay (University of Kansas, Department of Linguistics, 2020-12-01)
    Following up on recent work, we consider morpheme-final nasals in the Nivkh language family of northeast Asia using the Standard Comparative Method, and attempt to reconstruct the inventory and morphophonemic behavior of ...
  • ADFAC: Automatic detection of facial articulatory features 

    Garg, Saurabh; Hamarneh, Ghassan; Jongman, Allard; Sereno, Joan A.; Wang, Yue (Elsevier, 2020-07-22)
    Using computer-vision and image processing techniques, we aim to identify specific visual cues as induced by facial movements made during monosyllabic speech production. The method is named ADFAC: Automatic Detection of ...
  • The Role of Surface and Underlying Forms When Processing Tonal Alternations in Mandarin Chinese: A Mismatch Negativity Study 

    Chien, Yu-Fu; Yang, Xiao; Fiorentino, Robert; Sereno, Joan A. (Frontiers Media, 2020-04-08)
    Phonological alternation (sound change depending on the phonological environment) poses challenges to spoken word recognition models. Mandarin Chinese T3 sandhi is such a phenomenon in which a tone 3 (T3) changes into a ...
  • The Acquisition of Directionals in Two Mayan Languages 

    Pye, Clifton; Pfeiler, Barbara (Frontiers Media, 2019-11-01)
    We use the comparative method of language acquisition research in this article to investigate children’s expression of directional clitics in two Eastern Mayan languages – K’iche’ and Mam (Pye and Pfeiler, 2014; Pye, 2017). ...
  • Detecting integration of top-down information using the mismatch negativity: Preliminary evidence from phoneme restoration 

    Redmon, Charles; Zeng, Yuyu; Kidwai, Yuhi; Yang, Xiao; Wilson, Delaney; Fiorentino, Robert (University of Kansas, Department of Linguistics, 2020-06-03)
    The current study utilizes mismatch negativity in the phenomenon of phoneme restoration to investigate the critical debate regarding the integration of top down (lexical) and bottom up (acoustic) processing in spoken word ...
  • What is Definite and what is not in South Eastern Wastek 

    Bates, Jonah (University of Kansas, Department of Linguistics, 2019-11-06)
    This paper is a critical look at the glossing of the morpheme an as a definite article in a recently published corpus of the South Eastern dialect of Wastek Mayan, where it sometimes appears in contexts without corresponding ...
  • Experimenting with pro-drop in Telugu and Indian English 

    Suman, Kothakonda (University of Kansas, Department of Linguistics, 2019-09-18)
    This paper investigates pronominal subjects dropping in Telugu and Indian English and the severity of first language impact on learning and usage of a second language. Numerous languages from various language families are ...
  • Acoustic and perceptual evidence of complete neutralization of word-final tonal specification in Japanese 

    Maniwa, Kazumi (University of Kansas, 2002-05-31)
    This study investigates the extent to which Japanese lexical pitch-accent distinction is neutralized in word-final position. Native speakers of Tokyo Japanese produced minimal word pairs differing in final accent status. ...
  • Sensitivity to Inflectional Morphology in a Non-native Language: Evidence From ERPs 

    Coughlin, Caitlin E.; Fiorentino, Robert; Royle, Phaedra; Steinhauer, Karsten (Frontiers Media, 2019-05-20)
    The extent to which non-native speakers are sensitive to morphological structure during language processing remains a matter of debate. The present study used a masked-priming lexical decision task with simultaneous ...
  • Context-Sensitivity and Individual Differences in the Derivation of Scalar Implicature 

    Yang, Xiao; Minai, Utako; Fiorentino, Robert (Frontiers Media, 2018-09-20)
    The derivation of scalar implicatures for the quantifier some has been widely studied to investigate the computation of pragmatically enriched meanings. For example, the sentence “I found some books” carries the semantic ...
  • Acoustics and Perception of Clear Fricatives 

    Maniwa, Kazumi (University of Kansas, 2007-05-31)
    Everyday observation indicates that speakers can naturally and spontaneously adopt a speaking style that allows them to be understood more easily when confronted with difficult communicative situations. Previous studies ...
  • KWPL Stylesheet, 2019 

    KWPL Editors (2019)
  • Almost at-a-distance 

    McKenzie, Andrew; Newkirk, Lydia (Lingustics and Philosophy, 2019-08-08)
    We claim that the meaning of the adverbial almost contains both a scalar proximity measure and a modal that allows it to work sometimes when proximity fails, what we call the at-a-distance reading. Essentially, almost can ...
  • Initial clusters in pre-Proto-Nivkh: Internal reconstruction from Proto-Nivkh 

    Halm, Robert (University if Kansas Department of Linguistics, 2019-08-14)
    Building on recent work towards the reconstruction of Proto- and pre-Proto-Nivkh (Fortescue, 2016; Janhunen, 2016; Halm, 2017; Halm & Slater, 2018), we use internal reconstruction to investigate two developments (probably ...
  • Kiowa verb incorporation and types of mediating relations 

    McKenzie, Andrew (GLSA, 2019-02)
  • Latent homomorphism and content satisfaction: The double life of Turkic auxiliary -(I)p bol- 

    McKenzie, Andrew; Eziz, Gulnar; Major, Travis (Ubiquity Press, 2018-04-10)
    This paper argues that the Turkic auxiliary construction –(İ)p bol–, at least in Uyghur and Uzbek, is actually a pair of auxiliaries with distinct meanings. The first auxiliary is described as expressing “full completion” ...

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