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  • Exploiting Elsevier’s Creative Commons License Requirement to Subvert Embargo 

    Bolick, Josh (2017-06)
    In the last round of author sharing policy revisions, Elsevier created a labyrinthine title-by-title embargo structure requiring embargoes from 12-48 months for author sharing via institutional repository (IR), while ...
  • Lessons from a Tablet Learning Community at the University of Kansas Libraries 

    Reyes, Betsaida M.; Devlin, Frances A.; Giullian, Jon C. (2017-04-28)
    Technology continues to transform the way library users find, access, and use information. The use of tablets and other mobile devices for educational purposes has soared since the iPad was introduced in 2010. Faculty and ...
  • Integrating a Faculty Activity Reporting System with an Institutional Repository in Support of Open Access 

    Hanrath, Scott (2016-06)
    In 2011 the University of Kansas began an initiative to centrally manage teaching, research, and service information in a faculty activity reporting system using the Digital Measures Activity Insight product and branded ...
  • University 101 Instructor Manual 

    Becker, Jill K.; Reed, Michelle; Gamble, Stephanie; Leung, Sofia (University of Kansas Libraries, 2016)
    The University 101 Information Literacy Unit Instructor Manual describes a three-day information literacy unit that is integrated into first-year experience courses at the University of Kansas.
  • Contributions to the exhibition "Eastern Front 1914-1918: An Exploraton of the Conflict" 

    Giullian, Jon C. (2016-03-04)
    This annotated bibliography includes items selected for display from the University of Kansas Libraries' International Collections. In large part, this exhibit explores how the war affected the everyday life of the soldiers ...
  • Reference Transactions at the University of Kansas Libraries: An Analysis and Evaluation of Transcripts from 2008-2011. 

    Devlin, Frances A.; Stratton, John M. (2012-10)
    Purpose: At the University of Kansas Libraries (KU Libraries), daily reference interactions have been collected since 2007 via the open source software known as LibStats at the two largest campus libraries: Anschutz and ...
  • Tablets for Library Staff: Tools, Toys, or Troubles? 

    Devlin, Frances A.; Giullian, Jon C.; Reyes, Betsaida M. (2015-10)
    In this presentation we describe the development of our tablet project, which explores the application of table computers to the daily work of library staff across a variety of library departments; how the project was ...
  • A Framework for Analyzing any U.S. Copyright Problem 

    Smith, Kevin L.; Macklin, Lisa (Duke University, Emory University, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2014)
  • The Korean Studies Collection at the University of Kansas 

    Doll, Vickie (National Library of Korea, 2016-12)
    History and programs of the East Asian studies, the Korean studies, and the Korean collection resources at the East Asian Collection of the University of Kansas Libraries.
  • "Of This Garden Thou Mayest Freely Eat": Books for the Gardener 

    Haines, Sally (University of Kansas Libraries, 2016-12)
  • Library Collection Building: The Interlocking Functions of ILL, Acquisitions, and Collection Development 

    Goergen-Doll, Kerri; Rathmel, Angela; Leon, Lars (Libraries Unlimited, 2017-01)
    This chapter explores the experiences of two libraries, Oregon State University (OSU) and the University of Kansas (KU), that have made changes to their respective organizational structures in order to better meet the ...
  • How open access is crucial to the future of science 

    Bolick, Josh; Emmett, Ada; Greenberg, Marc L.; Rosenblum, Brian; Peterson, A. Townsend (Wiley, 2017-01-19)
    A commentary published recently in The Journal of Wildlife Management argued that open access publication has strong negative implications for the future of science. Unfortunately, that commentary was founded in serious ...
  • Opening Up the Margins 

    Hathcock, April (2016-10-06)
    The Open Access movement has helped to make scholarly materials more widely available to researchers across the globe. It has also helped to open the doors for scholars who are often excluded from scholarly discourse to ...
  • Searching OCLC: Harder, Better, Faster 

    Mauler, Al (1995-07)
  • Editing RBM 

    Whittaker, Beth (ACRL Publications, 2015-03-20)
    It Is truly an honor to write a re ection about RBM and its relationship to ACRL in honor of the organization’s 75th anniversary. I hope my perspective illuminates the recent history of the journal, as well as its relationship ...
  • Envisioning a World Beyond APCs/BPCs 

    Alperin, Juan Pablo; Anderson, Ivy; Becerril Garcia, Arianna; Bolick, Josh; Crow, Raym; Emmett, Ada; Eve, Martin Paul; Fitzpatrick, Kathleen; Gillette, Joanna; Greenberg, Marc L.; Guédon, Jean-Claude; Haricombe, Lorraine J.; Hathcock, April; Jacobs, Neil; Joseph, Heather; Kennison, Rebecca; Kieft, Robert; Muccie, Mary Rose; Nwagwu, Williams; Olaka, Musa; Rogel-Salazar, Rosario; Roh, Charlotte; Rosenblum, Brian; Roy, Michael; Schimmer, Ralf; Shearer, Kathleen; Shulenburger, David; Smith, Kevin L.; Willinsky, John (2016-11-17)
  • More Objects than Expertise: A Collaborative Housing and Access Project 

    Baker, Whitney; Liebl, Brecken; Schulte, Becky (2016-10-25)
    Sometimes collaboration is the key to caring for objects outside of one’s area of expertise. For example, most archivists are well seasoned in preserving paper and photographic collections, but caring for objects may fall ...
  • Science Fiction at Georgia Tech: Linking STEM, Humanities, and Archives 

    Brown, Sherri; Thompson, Jody (Association of College & Research Libraries, 2015)
    The Science Fiction Collection at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) is a major component of the instruction, research, and outreach events involving the archives, the library, campus, and local communities. ...
  • Electronic Thesis/Dissertation (ETD) Submission Workshop 

    Roach, Mary K.; Reed, Marianne A.; Roberts Graham, Amber; Thomas, Paul A.; Johnson, Paul E.; Rooks, Pamela; McEathron, Scott R. (2016-10-27)
    This workshop covers the process of submitting electronic theses and dissertations online at KU. Topics included: 1. Copyright considerations and resources for assistance, 2. Increasing the visibility of your work ...

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