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The Systematic Reviews community will contain articles, preprints, protocols, and supplemental information (such as search strings and results) related to Systematic Reviews that KU affiliates participate in.

Recent Submissions

  • Investigating NIBS for language rehabilitation in aphasia 

    Kidwai, Juhi; Sharma, Saryu; Peper, Michael; Brumberg, Jonathan (Taylor and Francis Group, 2022-07-04)
    Purpose The purpose of this scoping review was to identify and synthesize research on interventions in which noninvasive brain stimulation (NIBS) was used to improve linguistic abilities in individuals with aphasia. NIBS ...
  • Systematic Review Workshop 

    Peper, Michael; McEathron, Scott; Monroe-Gulick, Amalia; Orth-Alfie, Carmen (2023-04-06)
    In this workshop we will provide an introduction to systematic review with an emphasis on using Covidence, a systematic review management software platform licensed by KU Libraries. Covidence helps researchers to manage ...
  • Systematic Review Methodology Workshop 

    Peper, Michael; McEathron, Scott; Monroe-Gulick, Amalia; Dvorak, Abbey (2019-09-13)
    In this introduction to systematic review methodology, the topics discussed include an overview to review projects and different types of reviews, an overview of the research process and team formation, how to develop an ...
  • Behavioral Economic Measurement of Cigarette Demand: A Descriptive Review of Published Approaches to the Cigarette Purchase Task 

    Reed, Derek D.; Naudé, Gideon P.; Salzer, Allyson R.; Peper, Michael; Monroe-Gulick, Amalia L.; Gelino, Brett W.; Harsin, Joshua D.; Foster, Rachel N. S.; Nighbor, Tyler D.; Kaplan, Brent A.; Koffarnus, Mikhail N.; Higgins, Stephen T. (American Psychological Association, 2020)
    The cigarette purchase task (CPT) is a behavioral economic method for assessing demand for cigarettes. Growing interest in behavioral correlates of tobacco use in clinical and general populations as well as empirical efforts ...