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dc.contributor.authorDou, Dengfeng
dc.contributor.authorViwanathan, Prasanth
dc.contributor.authorLi, Yi
dc.contributor.authorHe, Guijia
dc.contributor.authorAlliston, Kevin R.
dc.contributor.authorLushington, Gerald H.
dc.contributor.authorBrown-Clay, Joshua D.
dc.contributor.authorPadmanabhan, Radhakrishnan
dc.contributor.authorGroutas, William C.
dc.identifier.citationDou, D., Viwanathan, P., Li, Y., He, G., Alliston, K. R., Lushington, G. H., … Groutas, W. C. (2010). Design, Synthesis and In Vitro Evaluation of Potential West Nile Virus Protease Inhibitors Based on the 1-Oxo-1, 2, 3, 4-tetrahydroisoquinoline and 1-Oxo-1, 2-dihydroisoquinoline Scaffolds. Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry, 12(6), 836–843.
dc.descriptionThis document is the Accepted Manuscript version of a Published Work that appeared in final form in Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry, copyright © American Chemical Society after peer review and technical editing by the publisher. To access the final edited and published work see
dc.description.abstractThe 1-Oxo-1, 2, 3, 4-tetrahydroisoquinoline and 1-Oxo-1, 2-dihydroisoquinoline scaffolds were utilized in the design and solution phase synthesis of focused libraries of compounds for screening against West Nile Virus (WNV) protease. Exploratory studies have lead to the identification of a WNV protease inhibitor (a 1-oxo-1, 2-dihydroisoquinoline-based derivative, 12j) which could potentially serve as a launching pad for a hit-to-lead optimization campaign. The identified hit was devoid of any inhibitory activity toward a panel of mammalian serine proteases.en_US
dc.publisherAmerican Chemical Societyen_US
dc.rightsCopyright © American Chemical Societyen_US
dc.titleDesign, Synthesis and In Vitro Evaluation of Potential West Nile Virus Protease Inhibitors Based on the 1-Oxo-1, 2, 3, 4- tetrahydroisoquinoline and 1-Oxo-1, 2-dihydroisoquinoline Scaffoldsen_US
kusw.kuauthorLushington, Gerald H.
kusw.oaversionScholarly/refereed, author accepted manuscripten_US
kusw.oapolicyThis item meets KU Open Access policy criteria.en_US

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