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dc.contributor.authorJazbec, Helena
dc.identifier.citationSlovenski jezik/Slovene Linguistic Studies 5
dc.description.abstractSLV: Tako sln. štepselj -na m 'majhen, debelušen človek' kot Sn štefeljc -a m 1. 'zamašek' 2. ekspr. 'majhen človek' sta mladi nemški izposojenki, katerih predlogi sta etimološko povezani besedi z razlišnima sufiksoma: bav. n. Stepsl -s m 1. 'zamašek' 2. ekspr 'majhen, debelušen človek' in bav. n. Stoppel -s m 'isto'. Spremljajo ju izposojeni glagoli, ki vplivajo na njune fonetične lastnosti. V nekaterih drugih slovanskih jezikih in v madžarščini poznajo podobne izposojenke. Vsi ti jeziki so tako kot slovenščina sosedi bavarsko-avstrijske nemščine, ki mora torej biti neposredni jezik dajalec. ENG: Both Sn štepselj -na m 'a small, plump person' and Sn štofeljc -a m 1. 'something (e.g., a bung or cork) used to plug an opening' 2. expr 'a small person' are recent German loanwords, based on two etymologically connected words with different suffixes: Bav. Stepsl -s m 1. 'something (e.g., a bung or cork) used to plug an opening' 2. expr 'a small, plump person' and Bav Stoppel -s m 'idem' respectively. They are accompanied by a group of loaned verbs, which influence their phonetic features. There are similar loans in some other Slavic languages and in Hungarian, like Slovene all neighbors of Bavarian Austrian, which proves to be their direct source.
dc.publisherFran Ramovš Institute for Slovene Language, Scientific Research Center, Slovene Academy of Arts & Sciences; Hall Center for the Humanities, University of Kansas
dc.subjectSlovenian language
dc.subjectSlavic languages
dc.subjectSlovene language
dc.subjectLanguage contact
dc.subjectGerman language
dc.subjectBavarian dialect
dc.titleSlovene štepselj and štofeljc

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