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dc.contributor.authorHusic, Geoff
dc.description.abstractThe verb presents a considerable challenge to students wishing to learn Standard Albanian. Besides the presence of a full conjugation for person and number, there are also 2 voices (Active and Medio-Passive) a variety of moods (Indicative, Subjunctive, Conditional, Imperative, Optative, and Admirative) and a larger number of simple and compound tenses. The morphology of the Albanian verb is also complex and followers a number of possible patterns, which frequently also involve modification of the verbal root vowel and the final consonant of the verb stem. In addition, many of the most commonly used verbs are formed irregularly.

This dictionary attempts to treat the Albanian verb in a convenient format for the learner. The morphological structure of the various possible patterns are outlined and then sample patterns are presented which cover most common regular and semi-regular verbs. Complete conjugations are given for those truly irregular verbs.

Several glossaries (Albanian-English, English-Albanian, and Verb Type) are given listing most common verbs. Hyperlinks in the text make it easy to navigate from verbs in the glossary to the appropriate sample pattern, making this resource convenient as an easy-reference tool.
dc.subjectAlbanian language
dc.subjectAlbanian verbs
dc.titleAlbanian Verb Dictionary and Manual
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