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  • Determination of Load Equivalency for Unpaved Roads 

    Sun, Xiaohui; Han, Jie; Wayne, Mark H.; Parsons, Roberts L.; Kwon, Jayhyun (National Academy of Sciences, 2015)
    The load equivalency method is widely used to consider the effect of traffic loading on pavement design, and the equivalent axle load factor (EALF) for paved roads has been studied often. For unpaved roads, however, EALF ...
  • Influence of apparent wave velocity on seismic performance of a super-long-span triple-tower suspension bridge 

    Wang, Hao; Li, Jian; Tao, Tianyou; Wang, Chunfeng; Li, Aiqun (SAGE Publications, 2015-06-25)
    As one of the main characteristics of seismic waves, apparent wave velocity has great influence on seismic responses of long-span suspension bridges. Understanding these influences is important for seismic design. In this ...
  • CFSv2-Based Seasonal Hydroclimatic Forecasts over the Conterminous United States 

    Yuan, Xing; Wood, Eric F.; Roundy, Joshua; Pan, Ming (American Meteorological Society, 2013-01-02)
    There is a long history of debate on the usefulness of climate model–based seasonal hydroclimatic forecasts as compared to ensemble streamflow prediction (ESP). In this study, the authors use NCEP's operational forecast ...
  • CFSv2-Based Seasonal Hydroclimatic Forecasts over the Conterminous United States 

    Yuan, Xing; Wood, Eric F.; Roundy, Joshua; Pan, Ming (American Meteorological Society, 2013-07-03)
  • Defining Yield Strength for NonPrestressed Reinforcing Steel 

    Paulson, Conrad; Rautenberg, Jeffrey M.; Graham, Scott K.; Darwin, David (American Concrete Institute, 2016-02)
    Analytical strengths of reinforced concrete beams and columns based on reinforcing steel stress-strain curves with and without a sharp yield plateau and the nonlinear stress-strain behavior of concrete are compared with ...
  • Orifice Plates to Control the Capacity of Terrace Intake Risers 

    Hua, Jian; Steichen, James M.; McEnroe, Bruce M. (American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, 1989)
    The flow in the conduit from upslope terraces JL must be controlled so that there is no excess hydraulic head under a lower terrace, causing water to flow up through the riser, which could result in the terrace overtopping ...
  • Micromechanical modelling of cemented sands under low amplitude oscillations 

    Chang, C.S.; Misra, Anil; Sundaram, S.S. (Institute of Civil Engineers Publishing, 1990-06)
    Microstructural continuum modelling is applied to study the mechanical properties of cemented sands under low amplitude oscillatory loading. The effect of cement in sand is accounted for by considering adhesion in addition ...
  • A computer graphics system for the building of macromolecular models into electron density maps 

    Miller, James R.; Abdel-Meguid, Sherin; Rossman, Michael G.; Anderson, David C. (Wiley, 2007-09-27)
    A brief description of the Molecular Modeling System-X graphics system hardware is followed by an explanation of the language which has been developed to realize an `electronic Richards box'. A variety of commands permits ...
  • Effect of Paste-Aggregate Bond Strength on Behavior of Concrete 

    Darwin, David; Slate, F. O. (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 1970-03)
    Coarse aggregate was coated with a thin layer of polystyrene to reduce paste-aggregate bond strength. The resulting concrete was compared to concrete containing uncoated control aggregate for strength, stiffness, and type ...
  • An evaluation of NEXRAD precipitation estimates in complex terrain 

    Young, Bryan; Nelson, Brian R.; Bradley, A. Allen; Smith, James A.; Peters-Lidard, Christa D.; Kruger, Anton; Baeck, Mary Lynn (American Geophysical Union, 1999-08-27)
    Next Generation Weather Radar (NEXRAD) precipitation estimates are used for hydrological, meteorological, and climatological studies at a wide range of spatial and temporal scales. The utility of radar-based precipitation ...
  • Evaluating NEXRAD Multisensor Precipitation Estimates for Operational Hydrologic Forecasting 

    Young, Bryan; Bradley, A. Allen; Krajewski, Witold F.; Kruger, Anton (American Meteorological Society, 2000-06)
    Next-Generation Weather Radar (NEXRAD) multisensor precipitation estimates will be used for a host of applications that include operational streamflow forecasting at the National Weather Service River Forecast Centers ...
  • Radar Beam Occultation Studies Using GIS and DEM Technology: An Example Study of Guam 

    Kucera, Paul A.; Krajewski, Witold F.; Young, Bryan (American Meteorological Society, 2004-07)
    Geographic information systems (GISs) combined with digital elevation models (DEMs) provide opportunities to evaluate weather radar beam blockage and other ground clutter phenomena. The authors explore this potential using ...
  • Composition and Distribution of Extracellular Polymeric Substances in Aerobic Flocs and Granular Sludge 

    Sturm, Belinda; Irvine, R. L.; Hausner, M.; Wilderer, P. A. (American Society for Microbiology, 2005-02)
    Extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) were quantified in flocculent and aerobic granular sludge developed in two sequencing batch reactors with the same shear force but different settling times. Several EPS extraction ...
  • Nickel solubility and precipitation in soils: a thermodynamic study 

    Peltier, Edward (Clay Minerals Society, 2006)
    The formation of mixed-metal-Al layered double hydroxide (LDH) phases similar to hydrotalcite has been identified as a significant mechanism for immobilization of trace metals in some environmental systems. These precipitate ...
  • Calorimetric determination of the enthalpies of formation of hydrotalcite-like solids and their use in the geochemical modeling of metals in natural waters 

    Allada, Rama kumar; Peltier, Edward; Navrotsky, Alexandra; Casey, William H.; Johnson, C. Annette; Berbeco, Hillary Thompson; Sparks, Donald L. (Clay Minerals Society, 2006)
    Interest in hydrotalcite-like compounds has grown due to their role in controlling the mobility of aqueous metals in the environment as well as their use as catalysts, catalyst precursors and specialty chemicals. Although ...
  • Thermal energy storage in a confined aquifer: Experimental results 

    Molz, F. J.; Parr, Alfred D.; Andersen, P. F.; Lucido, V. D.; Warman, J. C. (American Geophysical Union, 1979-12)
    To aid in testing the idea of storing thermal energy in aquifers, an experiment was performed by Auburn University in which 54,784 m3 of water was pumped from a shallow supply aquifer, heated to an average temperature of ...
  • Thermal energy storage in a confined aquifer: Second cycle 

    Molz, F. J.; Parr, Alfred D.; Andersen, P. F. (American Geophysical Union, 1981-06)
    During the first 6-month injection-storage-recovery cycle of the Auburn University Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage Project, water pumped from an upper supply aquifer was heated to an average temperature of 55°C with an ...
  • Aquifer thermal energy storage: An attempt to counter free thermal convection 

    Molz, F. J.; Melville, J. G.; Guven, O.; Parr, Alfred D. (American Geophysical Union, 1983-08)
    In previous Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) experiments, appreciable free thermal convection was observed. In an attempt to counter the detrimental effects of convection, a dual recovery well system was constructed ...
  • Aquifer thermal energy storage : A well doublet experiment at increased temperatures 

    Molz, F. J.; Melville, J. G.; Parr, Alfred D.; King, D. A.; Hopf, M. T. (American Geophysical Union, 1983-02)
    The two main objectives of this communication are to present a study of potential advantages and disadvantages of the doublet supply-injection well configuration in an aquifer thermal energy storage (ATES) system and to ...
  • Complex Nonlinear Deformation of Nanometer Intergranular Glassy Films in β−Si3N4 

    Chen, Jun; Ouyang, Lizhi; Rulis, Paul; Misra, Anil; Ching, W. Y. (American Physical Society, 2005-12-16)
    The mechanical properties of a model of Y-doped intergranular glassy film in silicon nitride ceramics are studied by large-scale ab initio modeling. By linking directly to its electronic structure, it is shown that this ...

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