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dc.contributor.authorEmde, Judith
dc.contributor.authorGlaser, Jill
dc.contributor.authorMercer, Holly
dc.identifier.citationEmde, J., Glaser, G., Mercer, H. (2006), Jupiter: a Tool for Cataloging Web Resources. 6th Annual Brick and Click Libraries Proceedings.
dc.description.abstractLibrary patrons conduct research using the Web, but they do not always select sites suitable for scholarly research. Since some open access Web resources complement licensed library electronic resources, library subject specialists at the University of Kansas wanted a way to direct library patrons to resources of scholarly value. The Libraries developed an easy-to-use tool for subject specialists to catalog freely available Web resources without the need to learn complex cataloging rules or to interact with overly technical systems.

The utility and process for creation of descriptive records for Web resources was developed as a collection development tool. "Jupiter" is a database driven application for subject specialists to assign metadata for open access resources of scholarly value to programs at the University.

The records described in Jupiter can be browsed by a locally developed subject taxonomy and are searchable through the Libraries' Information Gateway. Licensed electronic resources and freely available Web resources are organized by subject and are available through the Information Gateway for one-stop access to quality research material. Jupiter also stores records with metadata describing the subject specialists, and library patrons can refer to this information to get assistance in a specific subject area.

The selection of Web resources to catalog is based on the same criteria for selecting print and licensed electronic resources. Since the implementation of Jupiter, subject specialists have learned to incorporate the evaluation and cataloging of Web sites into their collection development activities. The simple Jupiter entry form eases the cataloging task.
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dc.subjectElectronic information resources
dc.subjectWeb sites
dc.subjectLibrary web sites
dc.titleJupiter: a Tool for Cataloging Web Resources

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