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  • ‘Now More Than Ever, Survivors Need Us’: Essential labouring and increased precarity during COVID-19 

    Schwarz, Corinne; Britton, Hannah; Nay, Eden D. E.; Holland, Christie (Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW), 2023-09-29)
    During the earliest waves of the COVID-19 pandemic, much media and public discourse focused on the effects of increasing precarity on already vulnerable populations. As in-person work added a layer of viral risk and ...
  • Understanding Risk and Prevention in Midwestern Antitrafficking Efforts: Service Providers' Perspectives 

    Britton, Hannah E. (Reading Room, 2020-06-22)
    Since the 2000 passage of both the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) and the U.N.’s Palermo Protocols, human trafficking has gained a notable global presence as a human rights concern. Community organizations, ...
  • Prosem On Child Care 

    Phillips, Deborah (University of Kansas, 1989)
    Proseminar On Child Care featuring Deborah Phillips at the University of Kansas in 1989.
  • Reconceptualizing Gender and Global Restructuring 

    Runyan, Anne Sisson (University of Kansas, 1998-04-10)
    Talk given at KU on April 10, 1998 by Anne Sisson Runyan, co-author of Global Gender Issues and co-editor of Gender and Global Restructuring.
  • Angela Davis Lecture 

    Davis, Angela (2022)
    A powerful lecture, entitled "Violence Against Women", is presented by the celebrated feminist scholar, lecturer, writer, and political activist. Davis is a Professor of Philosophy, Aesthetics, and Women's Studies at San ...
  • Return of Robin Morgan 

    Morgan, Robin (University of Kansas, 1992-02-28)
    Speech given by Robin Morgan, editor of Sisterhood Is Powerful: An Anthology of Writings from the Women's Liberation Movement and Ms. Magazine, at the University of Kansas on February 28, 1992. The speech was the second ...
  • Nancy Fraser Lecture 

    Fraser, Nancy (1992-10-22)
    Nancy Fraser, author of Unruly Practices: Power, Discourse and Gender in Contemporary Social Theory, speaks on keywords used in debates regarding the welfare state. Lecture given 10/22/92 at the University of Kansas.
  • The Dance of Deception 

    Lerner, Harriet (2022)
    All women are deeply affected by lying and faking, by silence and pretending, by self-deception, and by brave as well as misguided efforts to tell the truth. This film inspires listeners to confront the many faces of ...
  • Women's Art As Political Resistance 

    Davidson, Janet; Hendricks, Nicole; Munson, Jessica; Shumacker, Paula; Miller, Rachel (University of Kansas, 1995)
    Performances at the 23rd anniversary forum for the February Sisters, a group of women who staged a 1972 sit-in to protest conditions for women at the University of Kansas. After a meeting with Chancellor E. Laurence Chalmers, ...
  • Gender Identity, Disability, and Unmet Healthcare Needs among Disabled People Living in the Community in the United States 

    Mulcahy, Abigail; Streed, Carl G., Jr.; Wallisch, Anna Marie; Batza, Katie; Kurth, Noelle; Hall, Jean P.; McMaughan, Darcy Jones (Springer, 2022-02-23)
    Disabled adults and transgender people in the United States face multiple compounding and marginalizing forces that result in unmet healthcare needs. Yet, gender identity among disabled people has not been explored, ...
  • Evaluating Secondary Traumatic Stress on Victim Advocates Using the Helpfulness Rating on Service Intake Forms as a Scale 

    Chen, Melinda (University of Kansas, Department of Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies, 2021-10-01)
    This report examines how advocates have utilized a “helpfulness” rating on service intake forms to evaluate the degree of secondary traumatic stress that the on-call advocate has experienced. Using in-depth, semi-structured ...
  • Was Ezra Pound the “midwife” of THE WASTE LAND? Surgeons, midwives, and “sage homme” 

    Wilson, Aimee Armande (Taylor & Francis, 2019-06-05)
    This essay reveals a flaw in the critical consensus that regards Ezra Pound as the intellectual “midwife” of THE WASTE LAND, a metaphor used so frequently over the last century it has become a critical commonplace. By ...
  • Writing 

    Wilson, Aimee Armande (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2019-02-07)
    Is there a difference between writing by men and that produced by women? What does that difference look like? What about writing by non-binary individuals? Aimee Armande Wilson surveys critical responses to these questions ...
  • Governing with God: Religion, Resistance, and the State in Nigeria's Counter‐Trafficking Programs 

    Vanderhurst, Stacey (American Anthropological Association, 2017-11-16)
    Over the past fifteen years, the Nigerian government has stopped many young migrant women from trying to leave the country, identifying them as victims of human trafficking and referring them to a federal antitrafficking ...
  • Modernism, Monsters, and Margaret Sanger 

    Wilson, Aimee Armande (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2013)
    This essay examines the fiction and nonfiction in the Birth Control Review (BCR), a magazine Margaret Sanger edited between 1917 and 1929, to reveal a critique of aesthetic autonomy at the intersection of modernism and ...
  • A Century of Reading Time: From Modernist Novels to Contemporary Comics 

    Wilson, Aimee Armande (Bloomsbury Academic, 2017)
    Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century (1999-2012) is a neo-Victorian comic book series that forcefully engages questions about history and the passage of time. This essay uses League to ...
  • Southern Mother, Lethal Fetus; Or, How Birth Control Makes a Modernist out of Flannery O’Connor 

    Wilson, Aimee Armande (Duke University Press, 2014-09)
    This essay argues that the presence of birth control in a narrative interrupts generic conventions by conditioning modernist subjectivities. The symbolic possibilities of birth control carry the promise and threat of ...
  • An Army of Amazons: The Language of Protest in a Kansas Mining Community 

    Schofield, Ann M. (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1985-12-01)
    No abstract is available for this item.
  • Women's Labor History 

    Helmbold, Lois Rita; Schofield, Ann M. (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1989-12-01)
    No abstract is available for this item.
  • Whither History of Women in the Americas? 

    Schofield, Ann M. (Society for the History of Women in the Americas, 2013)
    This article charts conceptual developments in the field of history of women in the Americas over the past forty years since the author began her career. It compares women’s and gender history and the contributions of key ...

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