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  • Disenchanted? Business Satisfaction with International Arbitration 

    Drahozal, Christopher R. (2008)
    Are businesses becoming disenchanted with international arbitration? The perception used to be that, by agreeing to arbitration, parties “trade[d] the procedures and opportunity for review of the courtroom for the simplicity, ...
  • Confidentiality in Consumer and Employment Arbitration 

    Drahozal, Christopher R. (2015)
    This article examines an apparent misperception among some commentators about the confidentiality of consumer and employment arbitration in the U.S. Arbitration is a private process — i.e., the public cannot attend an ...
  • Innovation in Arbitration Law: The Case of Delaware 

    Drahozal, Christopher R. (2016-01-16)
    Delaware has become increasingly active in adopting innovative arbitration laws. In 2009, Delaware adopted a confidential system of “arbitration” conducted by sitting Court of Chancery judges, which was subsequently held ...
  • The State of Empirical Research on International Commercial Arbitration: 10 Years Later 

    Drahozal, Christopher R. (2016-01-15)
    This paper, prepared for the 30th anniversary conference of the School of International Arbitration at Queen Mary University of London, highlights some empirical studies on international commercial arbitration that have ...
  • Error Correction and the Supreme Court's Arbitration Docket 

    Drahozal, Christopher R. (2013-10-25)
    Supreme Court Justices from William Taft to Stephen Breyer have repeated the maxim that the “Supreme Court is not a court of error correction.” When it comes to arbitration law, however, a number of the Court’s cases do ...
  • FAA Preemption after Concepcion 

    Drahozal, Christopher R. (2014-04-24)
    AT&T Mobility LLC v. Concepcion is an important case for its holding that the FAA preempts application of state unconscionability doctrine to invalidate an arbitration clause with a class arbitration waiver. But in a number ...
  • Disclosure of Franchise Disputes 

    Drahozal, Christopher R. (2014-06-04)
    The Amended FTC Franchise Rule requires franchisors to disclose material litigation and arbitration actions in Item 3 of their Franchise Disclosure Documents. The Amended Rule expanded the scope of the disclosure obligation ...
  • AAA Consumer Arbitration 

    Drahozal, Christopher R. (2014-01-23)
    This chapter has provided an overview of consumer arbitrations administered by the American Arbitration Association, the largest administrator of consumer arbitrations. It does not, of course, purport to resolve the ongoing ...
  • Design and Challenges of Banking and Foreign Exchange Regulation in India 

    Bhala, Raj (2015)
    In the post-British Raj Era, two hallmarks characterize Indian banking law: financial inclusion and financial liberalization. Indian banking law and policy has emphasized incorporation of the unbanked and under-banked as ...
  • Empirical Legal Research Support Services: A National Survey of Law Libraries 

    Reeve, Allison C.; Weller, Travis (2015-07-21)
  • The Glucose Model of Mediation: Physiological Bases of Willpower as Important Explanations for Common Mediation Behavior 

    Ware, Stephen; Baumeister, Roy; Simpson, Scott; Weber, Daniel (Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Law Journal, 2015-06-29)
    Success in life requires the ability to resist urges and control behavior. This ability is commonly called “willpower,” the capacity to overcome impulses and engage in conscious acts of self-control. Social psychologists ...
  • A Natural Experiment on Innovation Without Patents 

    Torrance, Andrew W. (2015-05-07)
    Innovation occurs within a complex web of law. Of the myriad legal doctrines that affect innovation, the most directly relevant is intellectual property, particularly patent law. The United States Constitution, in Article ...
  • Empirical Legal Research Support Services: A Survey of Academic Law Libraries 

    Reeve, Allison C.; Weller, Travis (2015)
    Empirical legal research is a significant and growing portion of legal scholarship, however it has received little attention in the law library literature. In the forthcoming paper, we share and discuss the results of a ...
  • Legal Challenges in Government Imposition of Water Conservation: The Kansas Example 

    Peck, John C. (Agronomy Journal, 2014-08-08)
    This article deals with legal challenges in conserving water in the United States, using Kansas as an example. The focus is on one aspect of American water allocation law—the extent to which a state can force reductions ...
  • Legal Responses to Drought in Kansas 

    Peck, John C. (Kansas Law Review, 2014-05)
    In this article I examine legal responses to drought in Kansas since statehood in 18611 by persons and various levels of government. An article about drought should probably use or create a definition for the term. Although ...
  • Fighting Iran with Trade Sanctions 

    Bhala, Raj (Arizona Journal of International & Comparative Law, 2014)
    How do American trade sanctions against Iran work? Have they worked? Championed by six American Presidents and sixteen Sessions of Congress, these sanctions against Iran have spanned nearly forty years. In that time, the ...
  • Judicial Elections, Judicial Impartiality and Legitimate Judicial Lawmaking: Williams-Yulee v. the Florida Bar 

    Ware, Stephen J. (Vanderbilt Law Review En Banc, 2015-01)
    At the level of constitutional law, Williams-Yulee is a First Amendment case about judicial campaign fundraising. The First Amendment issues raised by judicial campaigns and money in politics are vital, and they are not ...
  • A 20th Century Debate About Imprisonment for Debt 

    Ware, Stephen J. (American Journal of Legal History, 2014-06)
    In the early twentieth century, Parliament debated whether to abolish imprisonment for debt. Parliament’s Select Committee on Debtors (Imprisonment) of 1909 heard testimony from witnesses and issued a report recommending ...
  • The Silver Lining of Downsizing 

    Reeve, Allison C.; McCray Pearson, Joyce A. (2014)
    Downsizing can have a silver lining - if you look for it. All types of work settings are experiencing it. How do you make it a positive experience? A silver lining may come in the form of fulfilling the work needs and ...
  • Overcoming Service Barriers: Effectively Meeting the Needs of International Law Students 

    Reeve, Allison C. (2014-07-15)
    Law schools admitting international students to J.D. and other advanced degree programs find that international students in those programs come to American legal institutions with diverse skill sets and varied information ...

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