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2title_keyword:Code switching in hawaiian creole4710.09%0.00
3title_keyword:A critique and integration of the major social psychological approaches to the study of coalition formation296.22%0.00
4title_keyword:Church participation and the older adult%3A An orientational approach255.36%0.00
5author_keyword:Mennerick%2C Lewis A245.15%0.00
6author_keyword:Murai%2C Harold M234.94%0.00
7author_keyword:Dasilva%2C Fabio214.51%0.00
8title_keyword:Book review%3A Making of an american community%3A A case study of democracy in a frontier county214.51%0.00
9title_keyword:The constraining influence of the custody-security emphasis on a county jail school214.51%0.00
10author_keyword:Dovring%2C Karin204.29%0.00


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