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3dateIssued_keyword:[2000 TO 2009]6875.71%0.00
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5title_keyword:A Feasibility Study for the Implementation of a Tool for the Consolidation of Project Data Monitoring and Analysis at a Mid-West Corporation4303.58%0.00
6title_keyword:A Critical Analysis of the Viability and Impacts of Solar Energy Carve-Outs in Renewable Portfolio Standards3643.03%0.00
7title_keyword:A Case Study on Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce During the Implementation of a Major Technological Change3562.96%0.00
8author_keyword:Aljaloud, Hammad3532.94%0.00
9author_keyword:Ali, Mohamed M.3472.89%0.00
10author_keyword:Aghdaie, Bahman3442.86%0.00


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