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2title_keyword:First Nations Center at the University of Wisconsin-Superior3711.14%0.00
3author_keyword:Johnson%2C Gary247.23%0.00
4title_keyword:%22The Lord Will Provide%22%3A The History and Role of Episcopalian Christianity in Nets%27aii Gwich%27in Social Development--Arctic Village%2C Alaska236.93%0.00
5author_keyword:Dinero%2C Steven C206.02%0.00
6author_keyword:Morris%2C Peter L206.02%0.00
7author_keyword:Nielsen%2C Marianne O206.02%0.00
8author_keyword:Lintner%2C Timothy195.72%0.00
9title_keyword:Colonialism and Criminal Justice for Indigenous Peoples in Australia%2C Canada%2C New Zealand and the United States of America195.72%0.00
10title_keyword:American Indian Doctorate Receipt 1980-200%3A A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis185.42%0.00


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