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2author_keyword:Kucukozer%2C Melmet346.33%0.00
3title_keyword:Theoretical and Practical Challenges to Francis Fukayama s End of History Thesis295.40%0.00
4title_keyword:STAR Interview with Josh Gamson 10%2F10%2F2003264.84%0.00
5title_keyword:Overcoming Domination through Self-Representation%3A Gay Men s Experience in 1960s San Francisco254.66%0.00
6title_keyword:Overcoming Domination through Self-Representation: Gay Men s Experience in 1960s San Francisco254.66%0.00
7title_keyword:Social Thought and Research%2C Volume 26%2C Number 1%262 %282005%29%3A Front Matter254.66%0.00
8title_keyword:Social Thought and Research, Volume 26, Number 1&2 (2005): Book Review254.66%0.00
9author_keyword:Gamson%2C Joshua244.47%0.00
10author_keyword:Burgess%2C Heather234.28%0.00


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