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Documents in this collection relate to the AAHSL Charting the Future Task Force project Building on Success: Charting the Future of Knowledge Management Within the Academic Health Center.


This pilot project produced by the Dykes Library at the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City, Kansas. Contact with questions or for more information.

Recent Submissions

  • Wings 

    Unknown author (Public Library of Science, 2003-06)
    The 30-second television message, "Wings", aired June 23 - July 3, 2003 in strategic U.S. markets on primetime cable and network t.v. stations. "Wings" provides a whimsical glimpse into the scientific progress that could ...
  • Integration of information-seeking skills and activities into a problem-based curriculum 

    Schilling, K.; Ginn, D. S.; Mickelson, P.; Roth, L. H. (Medical Library Association, 1995-04)
    Recent trends in medical education include a shift from the traditional, didactic, lecture-oriented approach to a more student-driven, problem-based approach to learning. This trend provides librarians with an opportunity ...
  • Building on Success: Charting the Future of Knowledge Management Within the Academic Health Center 

    Brewer, Karen; Hohman, J. Michael; Messerle, Judith; Yokote, Gail (Association of Academic Health Sciences Libraries, 2003)
    This report is a successor to a 1987 report entitled Challenge to Action: Planning and Evaluation Guidelines for Academic Health Sciences Libraries. The 1987 report was focused on the environment and needs of member libraries ...
  • An Overview of Institutional Repositories 

    Singarella, Thomas (2005-02-04)
    The purpose of this AAHSL white paper is to present an overview of the issues related to establishing an institutional respository (IR), including the state of IRs today, what’s currently happening in higher education ...
  • Charting the Future (CTF) Committee Organizational Repository Proposal Progress 

    Yokote, Gail (2005-02-03)
    Meeting held in Atlanta, January 14, 2005 with the following members present: Scott (chair), MJ, Parks, Tom, Gail, Karen Cole and Barbara Epstein via phone to further refine organizational repository proposal.
  • AAHSL Organizational Repository Pilot Description 

    Yokote, Gail (2005-02-03)
    The Charting the Future Committee (CTF) is piloting the development of an “organizational/institutional” repository for AAHSL to meet the AAHSL membership’s desire to create a seamless, user friendly environment that ...