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  • Three Essays on Computational Approaches to Economics 

    Yin, Xunzhao (University of Kansas, 2019-12-31)
    The three essays included in this dissertation are on three di?erent popular computational approaches that are widely applicable in economics. In Chapter 1, a state-space model is constructed which is linear in state ...
  • Essays on the Impact of Presidential Elections on the U.S. Stock Market 

    Wang, Fan (University of Kansas, 2019-12-31)
    This dissertation consists of two essays that are organized as chapters. In the first chapter, I examine the effect of presidential elections on the timing of turning points of stock market cycles in the United States. The ...
  • Divisia Monetary Aggregates and Exchange Rate Forecasting 

    Molinas, Luis (University of Kansas, 2019-12-31)
    Divisia monetary aggregates have been shown to be an improvement on the simple-sum monetary aggregates used by policy makers in the great majority of central banks in the world. Since Barnett (1978, 1980) derived the User ...
  • Three Essays in Applied Microeconomics: Medicaid Expansion, CEMENT Coauthorship Networks, and Occupational Licensing 

    Na, Rina (University of Kansas, 2019-08-31)
    ABSTRACT This dissertation includes three essays in applied microeconomics, which is a fundamental outward-looking branch of economics that applies both economics theories and methodologies to actual questions of individual ...
  • Mathematical economics before Cournot 

    Robertson, Ross M. (University of Kansas, 1948-12-31)
  • Property taxation in Virginia 

    Johns, Vernon O. (University of Kansas, 1948-08-31)
  • Analysis of the Effects of Kansas School Funding Reform on Standardized Testing Scores 

    Scheetz, Paul (University of Kansas, 2019-05-31)
    Kansas public school funding has been a contentious policy matter for several years. Brownback-era tax cuts reduced funding to a point where absolute funding levels were deemed unconstitutional in both adequacy and fairness. ...
  • Essays in Education and Labor Economics 

    Boden, Jennifer Ann (University of Kansas, 2019-05-31)
    This paper explores treatment effects in three different contexts: an extended school year pilot program in an urban school district, a library summer reading program serving twenty-one urban school districts, and states ...
  • Essays in Applied Microeconomics 

    He, Jiacheng (University of Kansas, 2019-05-31)
    In Chapter 1, I study how asset test elimination of Medicare Savings Programs affect elderly seniors financial difficulty to access health care. In the United States, most elderly seniors are covered by Medicare. However, ...
  • Three Papers on Monetary Aggregation under Knightian Uncertainty, Kernel Estimation, and Dynamic Modelling 

    Han, Qing (University of Kansas, 2019-05-31)
    This dissertation considers monetary services aggregation theory in Macroeconomics, the nonparametric approaches in Econometrics with censoring data and endogenous variables, and the macroeconomic dynamic modelling. It ...
  • Essays in Female Labor Supply in Ecuador 

    Gutierrez Luna, David Esteban (University of Kansas, 2019-05-31)
    This is a solo-authored dissertation that contains three papers that each examines a specific aspect of the labor supply in the Ecuadorian labor market between 2007 and 2017. The chapters of this dissertation all use data ...
  • Essays on Regime Change and Education Policy Reform 

    Roberts, Michael Alvin (University of Kansas, 2018-12-31)
    This dissertation consists of three chapters, each representing a self-contained research paper in health economics. The first chapter formalizes a model which generalizes several political models of collective action and ...
  • Empirical Economic Studies on Colombia 

    Pulido Velásquez, Manuel Alejandro (University of Kansas, 2018-08-31)
    This dissertation explores three different but related economic issues in the country of Colombia. The first chapter determines the impacts of the prolonged civil conflict suffered in Colombia on its unemployment rate ...
  • Transaction Costs, Convergence and Gains from Trade: Evidence from Japan 

    Batmaz, Oguzhan (University of Kansas, 2018-08-31)
    Transaction costs are among the most important explanatory variables for institutional economics. Starting from Ronald Coase as the pioneer then North, Wallis, Williamson and many other economists have been pointing to ...
  • The Conflict in Colombia: A Political Economic Analysis. 

    Alegria Castellanos, Alexander (University of Kansas, 2018-08-31)
    This research explores the armed conflict in Colombia. It consists of two parts: Part I attempts to provide a theoretical framework for the analysis of the Colombian conflict using a dynamic model. The second part, co-authored ...
  • Essays in State Policy 

    McCloskey, Jessica A. (University of Kansas, 2018-05-31)
    This dissertation consists of three chapters each examining different areas of state policy. Each chapter revolves around an examination of different approaches taken by states in a particular area of policy. The questions ...
  • Learning, Observability and Time-varying Macroeconomic Volatility 

    Li, Chaozheng (University of Kansas, 2018-05-31)
    Our paper provides a theoretical explanation for the time-varying macroeconomic volatility by introducing the unobservability of regime switching and learning. With the unobservability of regime switching, agents must ...
  • Essays in Open Macroeconomic Dynamics 

    Hu, Jingxian (University of Kansas, 2018-05-31)
    Will capital controls enhance macro economy stability? How will the results be influenced by the exchange rate regime and monetary policy reaction? Are the consequences of policy decisions involving capital controls easily ...
  • Three Essays on Advances in Macroeconomic Theory and Modeling 

    Chen, Guo (University of Kansas, 2018-05-31)
    Abstract My dissertation consists of three papers on bifurcation and market game models. My research focuses on understanding bifurcation phenomena of macroeconometric models, exploring price stickiness and markup variations ...
  • Essays on Environmental and Labor Economics 

    Yaseen, Asmaa (University of Kansas, 2018-08-31)
    This dissertation is the collection of three papers on environmental and labor economics. The First chapter is on environmental economics. The main objective of this chapter is to explore the effect of local community ...

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