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Recent Submissions

  • Black Literary Suite: Black Writing in Reel Time 

    Ahmed, Mona; Garcia Unzueta, Victoria; Hansen, Kai; Peace, Christopher; Rangel-Lopez, Alejandro (University of Kansas, 2020-11-11)
    Countless works by Black authors have found multiple lives through film adaptations, recontextualizing the ways in which modern audiences can engage with these narratives. From Charles Chesnutt’s novel The House Behind the ...
  • Black Literary Suite: Researching while Black 

    McComb, Morgan L. (University of Kansas, 2019-02-18)
    Unlike past Black Literary Suites, the 2019 BLS “Researching While Black: The Project on the History of Black Writing at 35 Years” focuses on the history and achievements of HBW itself. In this timeline and accompanying ...
  • Black Literary Suite: Reclaiming the Black Body: Women Writing Women 

    Boynton, Anthony; McComb, Morgan L.; Omni, Vince; Delph, Kyndall (University of Kansas, 2018-03-01)
    Acknowledging the primacy of physical violence against the female black body, “Reclaiming the Black Body” seeks to open up a new conversation through works that tells us a different story about agency and self-ownership, ...
  • Black Literary Suite: Mississippi Renaissance 

    Broussard, Matthew; McComb, Morgan L.; Boynton, Anthony (University of Kansas, 2017-02-08)
    The word “Renaissance” is translated as “rebirth” in French. The classical renaissance is a period between the 17th century that served as a bridge between the middle ages and modern history. Beginning in Italy, the movement ...
  • Black Literary Suite: Histories of African American Short Stories: a Digital Humanities Exhibit 

    Rambsy, Kenton; Carter, Jeremiah (University of Kansas, 2015-02)
    The posters in this collection showcase key features of short stories by black writers and at the same time highlights the possibilities of digital technologies, especially text mining, to present information about African ...
  • Black Literary Suite: New York Edition 

    Williams, Goyland; Rambsy, Kenton (University of Kansas, 2011-10)
    The posters and recordings in the Black Literary Suite: New York Edition reveal useful ways for considering the centrality of migration and location in African American literature. In the 23 novels featured in this exhibit, ...
  • Black Literary Suite: Sports Figures with a Kansas Connection 

    Broussard, Matthew (University of Kansas, 2016-02-18)
  • Black Literary Suite: Kansas Authors Edition 

    Wiggins, Meredith Joan (University of Kansas, 2015-03-04)
    Although not as popularly associated with African American literature as some other areas of the United States, there is a rich tradition of black writing in the Midwest, including in the state of Kansas. A number of ...
  • Black Literary Suite: Wikipedia Edition 

    Williams, Goyland; Rambsy, Kenton (2012-06-20)
    Over the last few years, Wikipedia has become a prevalent site for information on a wide variety of historical events and figures, including African American literary works and authors. Nearly half of the books represented ...