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Recent Submissions

  • Intercomparison of snow depth retrievals over Arctic sea ice from radar data acquired by Operation IceBridge 

    Kwok, Ron; Kurtz, Nathan T.; Brucker, Ludovic; Ivanoff, Alvaro; Newman, Thomas; Farrel, Sinead L.; King, Joshua; Howell, Stephen; Webster, Melinda A.; Paden, John; Leuschen, Carl J.; MacGregor, Joseph A.; Richter-Menge, Jacqueline; Harbeck, Jeremy; Tschudi, Mark (European Geosciences Union, 2017-11)
    Since 2009, the ultra-wideband snow radar on Operation IceBridge (OIB; a NASA airborne mission to survey the polar ice covers) has acquired data in annual campaigns conducted during the Arctic and Antarctic springs. ...
  • Radar sounder evidence of thick, porous sediments in Meridiani Planum and implications for ice‐filled deposits on Mars 

    Watters, Thomas R.; Leuschen, Carl J.; Campbell, Bruce A.; Morgan, Gareth A.; Cicchetti, Andrea; Grant, John A.; Philips, Roger J.; Plaut, Jeffrey J. (American Geophysical Union, 2017-09-19)
    Meridiani Planum is one of the most intensely studied regions on Mars, yet little is known about the physical properties of the deposits below those examined by the Opportunity rover. We report the detection of subsurface ...
  • Antarctic firn compaction rates from repeat-track airborne radar data: I. Methods 

    Medley, B.; Ligtenberg, S. R. M.; Joughin, Ian R.; van den Broeke, Michiel R.; Gogineni, Sivaprasad; Nowicki, S. (International Glaciological Society, 2015-10)
    While measurements of ice-sheet surface elevation change are increasingly used to assess mass change, the processes that control the elevation fluctuations not related to ice-flow dynamics (e.g. firn compaction and ...