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The volumes in the "KU Field Methods in Linguistic Description" series contain field notes, handouts, squibs, and papers written by the students of the KU Linguistics department's Field Methods course. The series is the brainchild of Linguistics graduate student Philip Duncan and showcases original research by both graduate and undergraduate students, many of whom are publishing for the first time.

Recent Submissions

  • Studies in Ibibio Grammar 

    Duncan, Philip Travis; Aldamen, Hesham Abdel Karim; Boley, Lucas; Brooks, Seth; Major, Travis; Udoinyang, Mfon; Martinez-Garcia, Maite; Newkirk, Lydia; Qin, Quentin; Rangel, Maria; Yan, Hanbo; Yeh, Wen-chi (University of Kansas, Department of Linguistics, 2014)
    This volume contains a collection of research about Ibibio, a Niger-Congo, Lower Cross language spoken in southeastern Nigeria. While there is previous linguistic work on Ibibio, this volume, to our knowledge, is the largest ...