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  • Prvi Slovar makedonskega knjižnega jezika s stališča kodifikacije makedonskega jezika 

    Nikolovski, Gjoko (2015)
    This paper deals with the first Macedonian language dictionary with Serbo-Croatian translations, specifically concerning its role in the consolidation and further development of the Macedonian language.
  • Splošna leksika in večpodročni termini v govoru turizma 

    Mikolič, Vesna (2015)
    Drawing upon the Dictionary of Tourism Terminology (TURS) the study shows the specific traits of tourism lexis, which is characterized by strong terminologization and de-terminologization processes, or rather, by the ...
  • Prekmursko besedje za gospodarska poslopja, kmečko dvorišče in kmečka opravila v Pleteršnikovem slovarju 

    Koletnik, Mihaela (2015)
    This article presents lexemes denoting farm buildings, farmyards, and farm chores in the Prekmurje dialect to the extent specified in the questionnaire used for the Slovene Linguistic Atlas (SLA). Forty-seven replies to ...
  • Živalski frazemi v štajerskem južnopohorskem narečju 

    Zorko, Zinka; Benko, Anja (2015)
    This paper discusses the Styrian South Pohorje dialects of Mislinja and Oplotnica. On the phonological level, the Mislinja dialect belogs to the Styrian and not Carinthian dialect as proposed by the maps in Tone Logar and ...
  • Težave pri prevajanju svetniških imen 

    Štavbar, Simona (2015)
    The topic of this article is translation of saints' names from Slovenian into German and English, and of churches and artistic works dedicated to saints. The translation of saints' names and specific features of names are ...
  • Tvorjenke s pomenom nosilnika lastnosti v novejšem slovenskem besedju (na primeru NSL in SNB) 

    Voršič, Ines (2015)
    Fierce economic, political, and cultural processes at the turn of the millennium have brought substantial linguistic changes to the Slovenian environment due to the intensive inclusion of modern communication situations ...
  • Razvoj slovenske paremiologije in paremiološke terminologije 

    Ulčnik, Natalija (2015)
    The article focuses on terminology referred to paremiology — a science which examines proverbs and related units. It outlines the question of paremiology's scientific autonomy and the problem of defining the basic units ...
  • Potrč v Pleteršnikovem slovarju (Roman Na kmetih, 1954) 

    Zemljak Jontes, Melita; Valh Lopert, Alenka (2015)
    This article is based upon comparative analysis presenting the vocabulary, written in Potrč's novel Na kmetih (The Land and the Flesh) (1954), and the entry cues in the Pleteršnik's Slovensko-nemški slovar (Slovenian-German ...
  • Prekmurski členki v Pleteršnikovem slovarju 

    Agrež, Maruška (2015)
    This paper discusses Prekmurian particles in Pleteršnik's dictionary and other relevant word inventories and selected texts written in the Prekmurian standard language. The particle, typical of the Prekmurian language is ...
  • Slovensko slovaropisje in kritika 

    Merše, Majda (2015)
    A parallel phenomenon to Slovene lexicography has been its critique, which has been brought to the fore only in the past two centuries. Lexicographic works of a general nature received the most significant critical response, ...
  • Pravopisno slovaropisje na Inštitutu za slovenski jezik Frana Ramovša ZRC SAZU 

    Dobrovoljc, Helena; Bizjak Končar, Aleksandra (2015)
    In this article we present the normative activity of the Lexicological Section of the Fran Ramovš Institute of the Slovenian Language at ZRC SAZU. In particular, the researchers investigate the codification of linguistic ...
  • Terminologišče — kraj, kjer terminolog išče 

    Žagar Karer, Mojca (2015)
    Terminologišče is a website of the Terminological Section of the Fran Ramovš Institute of the Slovenian Language where one can find a presentation of the Section and its dictionary projects, a short description of the ...
  • Slovar členkov kot živa vez med besedilom in slovarjem 

    Žele, Andreja (2015)
    This article posits a theoretical-practical depiction of the particle as a dynamic function word and sentence modifier. The research brings together and provides commentary on contemporary linguistic assumptions about the ...
  • SSKJ 

    Perdih, Andrej; Snoj, Marko (2015)
    The second edition of The Dictionary of Standard Slovenian Language (SSKJ) was published in autumn 2014 (first edition 1970–1991). Its aim is to bridge the content and time gap that arose between the first edition of SSKJ ...
  • Slavia Centralis 2015/1: Front Matter 

    Unknown author (2015)