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This collection holds material related to the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) There is a separate collection for the 2013 North American DDI conference (NADDI 2013)

Recent Submissions

  • Implementing the DDI4 Model in the R Language 

    Wackerow, Joachim; Hoyle, Larry (2018-12-04)
    Model based DDI4 lends itself to a representation in a language with object oriented structures. This presentation describes an ongoing project implementing the complete DDI4 model in R. We currently have the complete ...
  • A Sample Codebook in DDI4 XML 

    Hoyle, Larry (2018-04-06)
    This presentation will be a first look at a sample codebook serialized in DDI4 XML. The sample codebook is for a subset of variables from the Australian Election Study, 2013 - from the Australian ...
  • The Evolution of DDI, Concepts and Technology 

    Hoyle, Larry (2016-04-08)
    This closing plenary presentation from the 2016 North American Data Documentation Initiative conference (NADDI2016) traces the evolution of the Data Documentation Initiative DDI metadata standard from initial meetings in ...
  • Qualitative Data in DDI Views (DDI4) 

    Hoyle, Larry (2016-04-07)
    This presentation explores the current set of classes for describing qualitative data in the developing DDI4 model. The qualitative model is built on the work of DDI Moving Forward sprints, the DDI Qualitative Data Model ...
  • DDI as a Common Format for Export and Import for Statistical Packages 

    Hoyle, Larry; Wackerow, Joachim (IASSIST Quarterly, 2016)
    One of the roles the DDI standard can perform is to serve as a medium for the transfer of metadata and data across both space and time. A crucial component of this role is the ability to represent the data and metadata ...
  • Comprehensive Citation Across the Data Life Cycle Using DDI 

    Hoyle, Larry; Vardigan, Mary; Hume, Sam; Ionescu, Sanda; Greenfield, Jay; Iverson, Jeremy; Kunze, John; Radler, Barry; Weibel, Stuart; Witt, Michael C.; Thomas, Wendy (2014-11-17)
    Work products from the the NSF1448107 sponsored group attending Dagstuhl event 14432 in October 2014. These include datasets, analysis programs, and a technical report.
  • Using Extended Attributes in Data Analysis Software - Controlled Vocabularies, Tools and DDI 

    Hoyle, Larry (2013-11-24)
    All of the major data analysis software packages now allow some form of user defined extended attributes on variables and most also allow these attributes for the datasets themselves. In each case these attributes can be ...