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  • Mapping DDI2 to DDI4 

    Hoyle, Larry; Wackerow, Joachim (2019-05-06)
    This poster describes the effort to add a DDI-Codebook (DDI-C) import function into the DDI4R R package. The DDI4 Codebook Group did a lot of the modeling of one section of DDI4 using a spreadsheet mapping DDI-C elements ...
  • DDI4 in R – New Possibilities Operations on Metadata 

    Hoyle, Larry; Wackerow, Joachim (2019-05-06)
    We have been working on a representation of the DDI4 model in R, realized as a package. We now have an R object oriented class for each DDI4 class with associated functions to validate and print objects, manage a registry ...
  • Implementing the DDI4 Model in the R Language 

    Wackerow, Joachim; Hoyle, Larry (2018-12-04)
    Model based DDI4 lends itself to a representation in a language with object oriented structures. This presentation describes an ongoing project implementing the complete DDI4 model in R. We currently have the complete ...
  • A Sample Codebook in DDI4 XML 

    Hoyle, Larry (2018-04-06)
    This presentation will be a first look at a sample codebook serialized in DDI4 XML. The sample codebook is for a subset of variables from the Australian Election Study, 2013 - from the Australian ...
  • Sample Use Cases for the DataDictionary View in DDI Views (DDI4) 

    Gillman, Dan; Gregory, Arofan; Hoyle, Larry; Wenzig, Knut (2017-04-06)
    The DDI Moving Forward project (DDI-4) is the effort to modernize the way DDI is managed. Through the use of UML (Unified Modeling Language), a software independent representation of DDI is being developed and maintained. ...
  • The Evolution of DDI, Concepts and Technology 

    Hoyle, Larry (2016-04-08)
    This closing plenary presentation from the 2016 North American Data Documentation Initiative conference (NADDI2016) traces the evolution of the Data Documentation Initiative DDI metadata standard from initial meetings in ...
  • Qualitative Data in DDI Views (DDI4) 

    Hoyle, Larry (2016-04-07)
    This presentation explores the current set of classes for describing qualitative data in the developing DDI4 model. The qualitative model is built on the work of DDI Moving Forward sprints, the DDI Qualitative Data Model ...
  • DDI as a Common Format for Export and Import for Statistical Packages 

    Hoyle, Larry; Wackerow, Joachim (IASSIST Quarterly, 2016)
    One of the roles the DDI standard can perform is to serve as a medium for the transfer of metadata and data across both space and time. A crucial component of this role is the ability to represent the data and metadata ...
  • Comprehensive Citation Across the Data Life Cycle Using DDI 

    Hoyle, Larry; Vardigan, Mary; Hume, Sam; Ionescu, Sanda; Greenfield, Jay; Iverson, Jeremy; Kunze, John; Radler, Barry; Weibel, Stuart; Witt, Michael C.; Thomas, Wendy (2014-11-17)
    Work products from the the NSF1448107 sponsored group attending Dagstuhl event 14432 in October 2014. These include datasets, analysis programs, and a technical report.
  • Using Extended Attributes in Data Analysis Software - Controlled Vocabularies, Tools and DDI 

    Hoyle, Larry (2013-11-24)
    All of the major data analysis software packages now allow some form of user defined extended attributes on variables and most also allow these attributes for the datasets themselves. In each case these attributes can be ...
  • Improving User Access to Metadata for Public and Restricted Use US Federal Statistical Files 

    Block, William C.; Williams, Jeremy; Vilhuber, Lars; Lagoze, Carl; Brown, Warren; Abowd, John (2013-04-03)
    The US federal statistical system produces prodigious amounts of public and restricted use data. The restricted use data can be difficult to interact with due to poor documentation. Documentation across agencies and the ...
  • The Paradata Information Model 

    Greenfield, Jay; Carpenter, Danielle (2013-04-02)
    Paradata is data on study processes and the collection of study data. Here we describe the development of a Paradata Information Model (PIM) in support of the National Children¹s Study (NCS) of the Eunice Kennedy Shriver ...
  • Administrative Data in the IAB Metadata Management System 

    Schiller, David; Barkow, Ingo (2013-04-02)
    The Research Data Centre (FDZ) of the German Federal Employment Agency (BA) at the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) prepares and gives access to research data. Beside survey data the IAB provides data deriving from ...
  • Rogatus – a planned open source toolset to cover the whole lifecycle 

    Barkow, Ingo; Schiller, David (2013-04-02)
    During the last years several different tools for DDI Lifecycle have been published. Nevertheless none of the current tools is able to cover the full lifecycle from beginning to end. This presentation wants to show a first ...
  • DDI and Relational Databases 

    Amin, Alerk; Barkow, Ingo (2013-04-04)
    Although the DDI standard is expressed in XML, many institutions have a requirement or preference to use relational databases (eg. Access, MySQL, Oracle, Postgres) in their applications. This may be because of integration ...
  • DDI: Metadata to support collection processes, discovery, and comparability 

    Thomas, Wendy (2013-04-04)
    DDI-Lifecycle (DDI-L) was designed to support processes and comparability all through the lifecycle of the data. The result is a standard based on planned reuse of metadata that describes the methodologies used, the processes ...
  • DDI: Capturing metadata throughout the research process for preservation and discovery 

    Thomas, Wendy (2013-04-04)
    DDI supports two development lines, DDI-Codebook (DDI-C) and DDI-Lifecycle (DDI-L). This workshop provides an overview of the uses of both DDI-C and DDI-L in capturing metadata during the research process and how it is ...
  • Using SAS to generate DDI-Codebook XML from Information Managed in Excel Spreadsheets 

    Wright, Philip A. (2013-04-02)
    DDI-C compliant files are used for two distinct rolls by ICPSR to generate variable documentation from information managed in Excel spreadsheets by the data producer. For completed studies, DDI-C compliant files are used ...
  • Metadata Portal Project: Using DDI to Enhance Data Access and Dissemination 

    Vardigan, Mary (2013-04-03)
    The Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), NORC at the University of Chicago, and the American National Election Studies program in the Center for Political Studies at the University of ...
  • DDI - A Metadata Standard for the Community 

    Vardigan, Mary; Wackerow, Joachim (2013-04-02)
    This presentation gives an overview of the primary benefits of DDI like rich content, metadata reuse across the life cycle, and machine-actionability in a global network. Examples of successful adoption are described, along ...

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