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dc.contributor.authorDardess, John W.
dc.contributor.authorGreene, Megan
dc.identifier.citationGreene, M. (Interviewer). (2011, December 19). Me and Ming China: An Interview with John Dardess. (Dardess, J., Interviewee). [Video file]. Retrieved from
dc.description.abstractIn this video, Professor Emeritus John Dardess relates how he came to focus on the study of Ming China, describes the strategies and resources employed in his research and outlines the primary themes of his work.
dc.publisherUniversity of Kansas, Center for East Asian Studies
dc.subjectConquerors and confucians: aspects of political change in late yüan china
dc.subjectLate Yuan China
dc.subjectKhan, Genghis
dc.subjectConfucianism and autocracy: professional elites in the founding of the ming dynasty
dc.subjectChinese social system
dc.subjectMing autocracy
dc.subjectConfucian doctrines
dc.subjectChinese society
dc.subjectMing society: t'ai-ho county, kiangsi, fourteenth to seventeenth century
dc.subjectT'ai-ho county
dc.subjectTaihe country, China
dc.subjectBlood and history in China: the donglin faction and its repression, 1620-1627
dc.subjectMilitant Confucianist group
dc.subjectDonglin faction
dc.subjectGoverning China, 150-1850
dc.subjectImperial China
dc.subjectLate Han
dc.subjectLate Qing
dc.subjectMing China, 1368-1644: a concise history of a resilient empire
dc.subjectMing dynasty
dc.subjectMing foreign relations and border control
dc.titleJohn Dardess--Center for East Asian Studies Interview: Me and Ming China
kusw.oanotesOct. 2013: Permission was granted by the author to make this interview publicly available in KU ScholarWorks:

From: Dardess, John W. Sent: Tuesday, October 08, 2013 11:00 AM To: Doll, Vickie Fu Subject: RE: Me and Ming China (John Dardess interview film) need your written permission to upload to KU ScholarWorks

Vickie: I was interviewee for the video " Me and Ming China", and I give you and Scholar Works permission to do with it whatever you or they like. I attach a list of publications. --John Dardess.
kusw.oapolicyThis item does not meet KU Open Access policy criteria.

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