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2title_keyword:Aerosol delivery of recombinant antigen 85B in microparticulate vaccine systems for protection against tuberculosis576.99%0.00
3title_keyword:Delivery of neuroactive peptide drugs to the brain via intranasal delivery425.15%0.00
4title_keyword:Discovery and evaluation of novel mura inhibitors354.29%0.00
5author_keyword:Audus, Kenneth L.253.07%0.00
6author_keyword:Balbach, Stefan253.07%0.00
7title_keyword:In vitro intestinal transport of a poorly aqueous soluble drug and p-glycoprotein efflux using biorelevant medium simulating the intestinal fluids232.82%0.00
8author_keyword:Audus%2C Kenneth L222.70%0.00
9author_keyword:Bhalla%2C A. S222.70%0.00
10title_keyword:Automated permeability assessment of drugs formulated as solid dosage forms by means of sequential injection technique (SIA)222.70%0.00


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