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2title_keyword:Biodegradable thermosensitive polymeric micelles based on methacrylamide-oligolactates as carrier system for photosensitizers13810.10%0.00
3title_keyword:Deeper understanding of solid state phase conversion and influence of excipients on the in-vitro dissolution behavior of carbamazepine disks1218.85%0.00
4title_keyword:Engineering peptides to promote stabilizing interactions in the solid state1027.46%0.00
5title_keyword:Characterization of microchip capillary electrophoresis systems coupled to microdialysis for on-line monitoring765.56%0.00
6title_keyword:An analytical method for simultaneously assessing biological and physical barriers of the rat intestinal mucosa715.19%0.00
7title_keyword:Microcrystalline particles prepared by precipitation in the presence of stabilizing excipients543.95%0.00
8title_keyword:In-situ measurement of solid phase transformations during dissolution testing533.88%0.00
9title_keyword:Freezing-induced perturbation of tertiary structure of monoclonal antibody423.07%0.00
10author_keyword:Blaton, N.413.00%0.00


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