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Social Psychology of Prejudice Conferees / Rick Morley, photographer

1. The social science study of American race relations in the 20th century / Thomas F. Pettigrew

1a. How I Became a Race Relations Specialist / Thomas F. Pettigrew

2. Implicit power brokers : benevolent barriers to gender equity / Laurie A. Rudman

2. How I Came to be a Prejudice Researcher / Laurie A. Rudman

3. Understanding and addressing racial bias : insights from Allport / John F. Dovidio ... [et al.]

3. Why I Started Studying Prejudice / John F. Dovidio

4. Ethnocentrism and prejudice : a search for universals / Marilynn B. Brewer

5. Historical and modern perspectives on group competition / Victoria M. Esses ... [et al.]

5a. How I Became a Prejudice Researcher / Victoria M. Esses

6. Intergroup contact : still our best hope for improving intergroup relations / Stephen C. Wright, Salena M. Brody, Art Aron

6a. Thanks to “old” friends! Retrospections and speculation about why I study prejudice / Stephen C. Wright

7. The substance of prejudice : biological- and social-evolutionary perspectives on cognition, culture, and the contents of sterotypical beliefs / Mark Schaller, Lucian Gideon Conway, III

8. Prejudice as social norms / Gretchen B. Sechrist, Charles Stangor, Melanie Killen

8a. Autobigraphical Account / Charles Stangor

9. Values and prejudice / Monica Biernat, Theresa K. Vescio

9a. My Start on Stereotyping and Prejudice / Monica Biernat

10. Seeing race / Jennifer L. Eberhardt, Phillip Atiba Goff

11. The justification-suppression model of prejudice : an approach to the history of prejudice research / Christian S. Crandall, Amy Eshleman

11a. I Accidentally Became a Prejudice Researcher / Chris Crandall

12. Growing up black in America : where my interest in prejudice came from / James M. Jones.


This volume came out of a conference, supported by the National Science Foundation, held at the Alexis Hotel in Seattle, Washington, in 2001. Includes bibliographical references.

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