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Recent Submissions

  • An African-Specific Variant of TP53 Reveals PADI4 as a Regulator of p53-Mediated Tumor Suppression 

    Indeglia, Alexandra; Leung, Jessica C.; Miller, Sven A.; Leu, Julia I-Ju; Dougherty, James F.; Clarke, Nicole L.; Kirven, Nicole A.; Shao, Chunlei; Ke, Lei; Lovell, Scott; Barnoud, Thibaut; Lu, David Y.; Lin, Cindy; Kannan, Toshitha; Battaile, Kevin P.; Yang, Tyler Hong Loong; Oliva, Isabela Batista; Claiborne, Daniel T.; Vogel, Peter; Liu, Lijun; Liu, Qin; Nefedova, Yulia; Cassel, Joel; Auslander, Noam; Kossenkov, Andrew V.; Karanicolas, John; Murphy, Maureen E. (American Association for Cancer Research, 2023-07-07)
    TP53 is the most frequently mutated gene in cancer, yet key target genes for p53-mediated tumor suppression remain unidentified. Here, we characterize a rare, African-specific germline variant of TP53 in the DNA-binding ...
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa Dps (PA0962) Functions in H2O2 Mediated Oxidative Stress Defense and Exhibits In Vitro DNA Cleaving Activity 

    Rajapaksha, Nimesha; Soldano, Anabel; Yao, Huili; Donnarumma, Fabrizio; Kashipathy, Maithri M.; Seibold, Steve; Battaile, Kevin P.; Lovell, Scott; Rivera, Mario (MDPI, 2023-02-28)
    We report the structural, biochemical, and functional characterization of the product of gene PA0962 from Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1. The protein, termed Pa Dps, adopts the Dps subunit fold and oligomerizes into a nearly ...
  • ADAMTSL2 gene variant in patients with features of autosomal dominant connective tissue disorders 

    Steinle, Jacob; Hossain, Waheeda A.; Lovell, Scott; Veatch, Olivia J.; Butler, Merlin G. (Wiley, 2020-12-27)
    Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) consists of a heterogeneous group of genetically inherited connective tissue disorders. A family with three affected members over two generations with features of Dermatosparaxic EDS (dEDS) ...