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dc.contributor.authorRedwood, Anthony
dc.contributor.authorBhattacharyya, Bharati
dc.contributor.authorKleiner, Morris
dc.identifier.citationThe Kansas Labor Market: Trends, Problems, and Issues (November 1981), Anthony Redwood, Bharati Bhattacharyya, Morris Kleiner.en_US
dc.description.abstractKansas has undergone significant change in recent decades with respect to the nature and composition of its economic structure and population. This has strongly affected its labor market and given rise to developments and trends that are likely to continue into the 1980s. These need to be recognized and addressed.

The purpose of this report is to provide an initial analysis of current and anticipated problems and issues in the Kansas labor market. This will permit the State Employment and Training Council to consider and advise on problem areas towards which state policies and programs might be directed in the human resources sphere.

This report consists of two major components: Section II, which describes salient trends and characteristics of the Kansas economy, population and labor market and Section III, which describes the dimensions and nature of seven problem areas concerning the labor force and poses issues for consideration by the Council and state decision-makers.
dc.publisherInstitute for Economic and Business Research, University of Kansasen_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesKansas Labor Market Research Series;1
dc.rightsCopyright 1981, Institute for Economic and Business Research
dc.titleThe Kansas Labor Market: Trends, Problems and Issuesen_US

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