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dc.contributor.advisorLeuschen, Carl
dc.contributor.authorCarabajal, Calen
dc.description.abstractThis thesis presents the design and development of various microwave components for an airborne snow-probing radar with multi-gigahertz bandwidth and cm-scale vertical resolution. First, a set of ultra-wideband, modular transmit and receive modules with custom power sequencing circuits is presented. These modules were rapid-prototyped as an initial step toward the miniaturization of the radar’s front-end, using a combination of custom and COTS circuits. The transmitter and receiver modules operate in the 2–18 GHz range. Laboratory and field tests are discussed, demonstrating performance that is comparable to previous, connectorized implementations, while accomplishing a 5:1 size reduction. Next, a set of miniaturized band-pass and low-pass filters is developed and demonstrated. This work addressed the lack of COTS circuits with adequate performance in a sufficiently small form factor that is compatible with the planar integration required in a multi-chip module. The filters presented here were designed for manufacture on a multi-layer liquid crystal polymer (LCP) substrate. A detailed trade study to assess the effects of potential manufacturing tolerances is presented. A framework for the automated creation of panelized design variations was developed using CAD tools. Thirty-two design variations with two different types of launches (microstrip and grounded co-planar waveguide) were successfully simulated, fabricated and tested, showing good electrical performance both as individual filters and cascaded to offer outstanding out-of-band rejection. The size of the new filters is 1 cm x 1 cm x 150 μm, a vertical reduction of over 90% and reducing the total cascaded length by over 50%.
dc.format.extent158 pages
dc.publisherUniversity of Kansas
dc.rightsCopyright held by the author.
dc.subjectElectrical engineering
dc.titleDevelopment of Compact UWB Transmit Receive Modules and Filters on Liquid Crystal Polymer for Radar
dc.contributor.cmtememberRodriguez-Morales, Fernando
dc.contributor.cmtememberAllen, Christopher
dc.thesis.degreeDisciplineElectrical Engineering & Computer Science

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