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dc.contributor.authorParekh, Hemendra C.
dc.descriptionM.S. University of Kansas, Mechanical Engineering 1958en_US
dc.description.abstractThis investigation was carried out to determine the distribution of the work effort of clerical workers into the different work activities. It was also intended to determine the amount of time spent on personal needs by the above group of workers and compare it with the personal and/or fatigue allowances reported by various authors in texts on motion or time study.

In the four departments selected, a total of 30 workers were observed. Fourteen work-and-delay-activities were listed on an observation sheet and some of them were further qualified by such such suffixes as “a,” “b,” “w,” and “p.”

The workers were observed at all times of the working hours, except official rest periods, using a scheme of systematic sampling. The purpose of the investigation was made known to the workers prior to the beginning of the actual observations, to ensure a normal and relaxed atmosphere.

An examination of the computed data shows that although there is considerable variation in the productivity of the different departments, the percentage of the percentage of the total personal delays is consistent from one department to another. This again varies significantly within each department, as the “direct work” and supporting delays.” There is enough evidence to believe that, within each department, individual workers have stable work patterns, although at different levels.
dc.publisherUniversity of Kansasen_US
dc.rightsThis item is protected by copyright and unless otherwise specified the copyright of this thesis/dissertation is held by the author.en_US
dc.titleA work sampling investigation of white collar workers (female-clerical)en_US
dc.thesis.degreeDisciplineMechanical Engineering
kusw.oanotes2021/01/13: Added to KUSW at the request of the author: From: Hemen Parekh <> Sent: Monday, January 10, 2022 9:43 PM To: Interlibrary Loan Lending <> Cc:; Nirmit Parekh <> Subject: RE: LibWeb_Feedback

Dear Nico At the outset, I do not have enough words to thank you for locating my thesis – and for your offer . I had given up all hopes of ever finding it I would be happy if you upload its digital copy on KU Scholarworks ( for anyone to access ) and send me a link to download Is it possible to scan an image of its Cover Page and sent it to me ? With kind regards, Hemen Parekh From: Interlibrary Loan Lending [] Sent: 11 January 2022 01:53 To: Subject: RE: LibWeb_Feedback Hemen Parekh, We could digitize this for you. I’ve already collected the item and have it at my desk. I wanted to clarify if you wanted a PDF copy for your use only or were you wanting to make this work publicly available? The University of Kansas had a digital repository of freely accessible theses and dissertations by KU students and alumni called KU Scholarworks. Anyone has access to the works included in this repository and we would provide you a link to download the item when it is ready if you would prefer this. Either way is fine, I just wanted to check as often alumni like to have this made available online. If you prefer not, let us know and we can scan this for you and send you directly a PDF file. The process could take up to a week or two depending on our workload and staffing, though the turn around time is usually pretty fast, Thanks, Nico Mendoza Library Assistant Acquisitions & Resource Sharing Dept 785-864-3960 ________________________________________

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Response Summary:

Please share your feedback to help us make sure the KU Libraries website meets your teaching, lea... Dear Librarian ( KU )

I was a graduate student at KU ( MS-ME / 1956 - 58 )

As part of my credit requirements, I submitted a THESIS titled :

" A Work Sampling Study of White Collar Workers using Ratio-Delay Method "

This research was actually carried out in the administrative hall of KU Library itself by studying the work-patterns of some 15 odd clerical personnel

Unfortunately, I have lost my copy of this thesis

I write to request you to send to me a soft-copy of my thesis, if you can locate a hard copy in your archives

It would mean a great favor

with regards,

Hemen Parekh

( Mumbai - India ) - ( Pl see my KU transcript at section : EDUCATION , on this site

PS :

You may want to look up my photo in front of CAMPANILLE , at :

And my poem on Campanille ( published twice in Jayhawker magazine ) at :

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