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dc.contributor.authorFlegontov, Pavel
dc.contributor.authorAltınışık, N. Ezgi
dc.contributor.authorChangmai, Piya
dc.contributor.authorRohland, Nadin
dc.contributor.authorMallick, Swapan
dc.contributor.authorAdamski, Nicole
dc.contributor.authorBolnick, Deborah A.
dc.contributor.authorBroomandkhoshbacht, Nasreen
dc.contributor.authorCandilio, Francesca
dc.contributor.authorCulleton, Brendan J.
dc.contributor.authorFlegontova, Olga
dc.contributor.authorFriesen, T. Max
dc.contributor.authorJeong, Choongwon
dc.contributor.authorHarper, Thomas K.
dc.contributor.authorKeating, Denise
dc.contributor.authorKennett, Douglas J.
dc.contributor.authorKim, Alexander M.
dc.contributor.authorLamnidis, Thiseas C.
dc.contributor.authorLawson, Ann Marie
dc.contributor.authorOlalde, Iñigo
dc.contributor.authorOppenheimer, Jonas
dc.contributor.authorPotter, Ben A.
dc.contributor.authorRaff, Jennifer
dc.contributor.authorSattler, Robert A.
dc.contributor.authorSkoglund, Pontus
dc.contributor.authorStewardson, Kristin
dc.contributor.authorVajda, Edward J.
dc.contributor.authorVasilyev, Sergey
dc.contributor.authorVeselovskaya, Elizaveta
dc.contributor.authorHayes, M. Geoffrey
dc.contributor.authorO’Rourke, Dennis H.
dc.contributor.authorKrause, Johannes
dc.contributor.authorPinhasi, Ron
dc.contributor.authorReich, David
dc.contributor.authorSchiffels, Stephan
dc.identifier.citationFlegontov, P., Altınışık, N. E., Changmai, P., Rohland, N., Mallick, S., Adamski, N., … Schiffels, S. (2019). Palaeo-Eskimo genetic ancestry and the peopling of Chukotka and North America. Nature, 570(7760), 236–240. doi:10.1038/s41586-019-1251-yen_US
dc.description.abstractMuch of the American Arctic was first settled 5,000 years ago, by groups of people known as Palaeo-Eskimos. They were subsequently joined and largely displaced around 1,000 years ago by ancestors of the present-day Inuit and Yup’ik1,2,3. The genetic relationship between Palaeo-Eskimos and Native American, Inuit, Yup’ik and Aleut populations remains uncertain4,5,6. Here we present genomic data for 48 ancient individuals from Chukotka, East Siberia, the Aleutian Islands, Alaska, and the Canadian Arctic. We co-analyse these data with data from present-day Alaskan Iñupiat and West Siberian populations and published genomes. Using methods based on rare-allele and haplotype sharing, as well as established techniques4,7,8,9, we show that Palaeo-Eskimo-related ancestry is ubiquitous among people who speak Na-Dene and Eskimo–Aleut languages. We develop a comprehensive model for the Holocene peopling events of Chukotka and North America, and show that Na-Dene-speaking peoples, people of the Aleutian Islands, and Yup’ik and Inuit across the Arctic region all share ancestry from a single Palaeo-Eskimo-related Siberian source.en_US
dc.publisherNature Researchen_US
dc.rights© 2019, Springer Natureen_US
dc.titlePalaeo-Eskimo genetic ancestry and the peopling of Chukotka and North Americaen_US
kusw.kuauthorRaff, Jennifer
kusw.kuauthorO’Rourke, Dennis H.
kusw.kudepartmentDepartment of Anthropologyen_US
kusw.oaversionScholarly/refereed, author accepted manuscripten_US
kusw.oapolicyThis item meets KU Open Access policy criteria.en_US

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