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dc.contributor.advisorMyers, Garth A.
dc.contributor.authorLash, Robert Ryan
dc.descriptionM.A. University of Kansas, Geography 2007en_US
dc.description.abstractUnderstanding malaria's geographic occurrence throughout the world is amazingly complex. Jacques May wrote that "a whole atlas, comprising several dozens of maps, could justifiably be devoted to the cartographical representation of what we now know about malaria and its geographical significance." Three themes motivate this work: (1) renewed interest in the occurrence of malaria in Africa, (2) the popularity of research using a Geographic Information System (GIS) to estimate the economic burden of malaria, and (3) an appreciation for the challenges faced when mapping malaria. Selected malaria maps of the 20th century from the World Health Organization (WHO), the American Geographical Society (AGS), and others, are analyzed to identify the way maps are used to communicate information about malaria. Conclusions are drawn about the use of GIS for mapping malaria, and an argument for the importance of cartographically informed GIS users is made.en_US
dc.publisherUniversity of Kansasen_US
dc.rightsThis item is protected by copyright and unless otherwise specified the copyright of this thesis/dissertation is held by the author.en_US
dc.subjectScience historyen_US
dc.titleManaging malaria: Selected maps of the twentieth century.en_US
dc.contributor.cmtememberMcCleary, George F.
dc.contributor.cmtememberPeterson, A. Townsend
kusw.oanotes2021/02/22: Added to KUSW at the request of the author: From: Ryan Lash <> Sent: Monday, February 22, 2021 2:58 PM To: KU Scholar Works <> Subject: Re: Thesis missing from KU ScholarWorks

Yes, that would be great!

All the best, Ryan

On Mon, Feb 22, 2021 at 3:56 PM KU Scholar Works <> wrote: Hi, Ryan. You completed your thesis at a time when they were not placed in ScholarWorks, but, instead, were available only in the ProQuest theses and disserttions database. We are hoping to do a special project at some point that will add all of these to ScholarWorks, but we haven’t yet done so. With your permission, I will be happy to add your thesis to ScholarWorks now. Would that be OK? -- M. From: Ryan Lash <> Sent: Sunday, February 21, 2021 4:13 PM To: KU Scholar Works <> Subject: Thesis missing from KU ScholarWorks Dear KU ScholarWorks- I completed my masters thesis titled “Managing Malaria: Selected Maps of the Twentieth Century” in September 2007 (attached here), however I cannot locate it KU ScholarWorks. This thesis was completed to satisfy the degree requirements for my MA in Geography. Can you check to see what needs to be done to make this record discoverable in ScholarWorks? Thanks, Ryan Lash 820 Dekalb Ave NE, Unit 21 Atlanta, GA 30307 Phone: 913-579-7390 Email:

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