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dc.contributor.authorAaboud, M.
dc.contributor.authorRogan, Christopher
dc.contributor.authorATLAS Collaboration
dc.identifier.citationAaboud, M., Aad, G., Abbott, B. et al. Measurement of the top quark mass in the 𝑡𝑡¯→ lepton+jets channel from 𝑠√=8 TeV ATLAS data and combination with previous results. Eur. Phys. J. C 79, 290 (2019).
dc.descriptionThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe top quark mass is measured using a template method in the 𝑡𝑡¯→lepton+jets channel (lepton is e or 𝜇) using ATLAS data recorded in 2012 at the LHC. The data were taken at a proton–proton centre-of-mass energy of 𝑠√=8 TeV and correspond to an integrated luminosity of 20.2 fb−1. The 𝑡𝑡¯→lepton+jets channel is characterized by the presence of a charged lepton, a neutrino and four jets, two of which originate from bottom quarks (b). Exploiting a three-dimensional template technique, the top quark mass is determined together with a global jet energy scale factor and a relative b-to-light-jet energy scale factor. The mass of the top quark is measured to be 𝑚top=172.08±0.39(stat)±0.82(syst) GeV. A combination with previous ATLAS 𝑚top measurements gives 𝑚top=172.69±0.25(stat)±0.41(syst) GeV.en_US
dc.rights© CERN for the benefit of the ATLAS collaboration 2019.en_US
dc.titleMeasurement of the top quark mass in the 𝑡𝑡¯→ lepton+jets channel from 𝑠√=8 TeV ATLAS data and combination with previous resultsen_US
kusw.kuauthorRogan, Christopher
kusw.kudepartmentPhysics and Astronomyen_US
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© CERN for the benefit of the ATLAS collaboration 2019.
Except where otherwise noted, this item's license is described as: © CERN for the benefit of the ATLAS collaboration 2019.