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dc.contributor.authorHane, Madisen K.
dc.descriptionThis project was created for the EVRN 371 class and presented at the 2020 Fall Undergraduate Research Symposium online event, held November 30th-December 4th. The Symposium was sponsored by the KU Center for Undergraduate Research.en_US
dc.description.abstractThis presentation is a critical geopolitical analysis of urban and suburban green spaces using Meadowbrook Park as an example of a material discourse. This presentation emphasizes a critical geopolitical approach to analyzing a physical space, which is Meadowbrook Park. Critical geopolitical analysis aims to unpack a place, text or idea and to think of these things as a narrative with a deeper meaning and to identify what may be hidden or obscured in that narrative.en_US
dc.publisherEnvironmental Studies Program, University of Kansas
dc.rightsCopyright 2020, Madisen K. Haneen_US
dc.titleA Critical Geopolitical Analysis of Urban/Suburban Green Spaces: Meadowbrook Park as a Material Discourseen_US
dc.thesis.degreeDisciplineEnvironmental Studies
kusw.oanotes2020/12/23: Added to ScholarWorks at the request of the author. A release form is attached to this record as a License bitstream. From: Hane, Madisen K <> Sent: Thursday, December 3, 2020 5:23 PM To: Reed, Marianne A. <> Cc: O'Lear, Shannon <> Subject: KU Scholarworks Submission


I was hoping to submit my Undergraduate Research Symposium project to the KU Scholarworks database. I created this project for my EVRN 371 course this semester. Please let me know if you need any further information from me!

Thank you, Madisen Hane

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