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dc.contributor.authorWetmore, Alexander B.
dc.contributor.authorMoquin, Paul A.
dc.contributor.authorCarroll, Kevin M.
dc.contributor.authorFry, Andrew C.
dc.contributor.authorHornsby, W. Guy
dc.contributor.authorStone, Michael H.
dc.identifier.citationWetmore, A. B., Moquin, P. A., Carroll, K. M., Fry, A. C., Hornsby, W. G., & Stone, M. H. (2020). The Effect of Training Status on Adaptations to 11 Weeks of Block Periodization Training. Sports (Basel, Switzerland), 8(11), 145.
dc.descriptionThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.en_US
dc.description.abstractSome controversy exists as to the most efficacious method of training to achieve enhanced levels of sport performance. Controversy concerning the efficacy of periodization and especially block periodization (BP) likely stems from the use of poorly or untrained subjects versus trained who may differ in their responses to a stimulus. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of training status on performance outcomes resulting from 11 weeks of BP training. Fifteen males were recruited for this study and placed into strong (age = 24.3 ± 1.9 years., body mass (BM) = 87.7 ± 8.7 kg, squat: body mass = 1.96 ± 0.16), moderate (age = 25.3 ± 2.7 years., body mass = 100.2 ± 15.5 kg, squat: body mass = 1.46 ± 0.14), or weak (age = 23.2 ± 3.9 yrs., body mass = 83.5 ± 17.1 kg, squat: body mass = 1.17 ± 0.07) groups based on relative strength. Testing was completed at baseline, and after each block which consisted of 1 repetition maximum (1RM) squat, 0 kg static jump (SJ), 0 kg countermovement jump (CMJ), 20 kg SJ, and 20 kg CMJ. Absolute and relative strength were strongly correlated with rates of improvement for absolute strength, relative strength, 0 kg, and 20 kg vertical jumps. All subjects substantially improved back squat (p < 0.001), relative back squat (p < 0.001) with large–very large effect sizes between groups for percent change favoring the weak group over the moderate and strong group for all performance variables. All subjects showed statistically significant improvements in 0 kg SJ (p < 0.001), 0 kg CMJ (p < 0.001), 20 kg SJ (p = 0.002), and 20 kg CMJ (p < 0.001). Statistically significant between group differences were noted for both 20 kg SJ (p = 0.01) and 20 kg CMJ (p = 0.043) with the strong group statistically greater jump heights than the weak group. The results of this study indicate BP training is effective in improving strength and explosive ability. Additionally, training status may substantially alter the response to a resistance training program.en_US
dc.rights© 2020 by the authors. Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland.en_US
dc.subjectRelative strengthen_US
dc.subjectResistance trainingen_US
dc.titleThe Effect of Training Status on Adaptations to 11 Weeks of Block Periodization Trainingen_US
kusw.kuauthorFry, Andrew C.
kusw.kudepartmentHealth, Sport, and Exercise Sciencesen_US
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© 2020 by the authors. Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland.
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