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dc.contributor.authorInstitute for Policy & Social Research
dc.contributor.editorGunter, Jena
dc.contributor.editorHurd, Genna M.
dc.contributor.editorWedel, Xanthippe
dc.contributor.editorByrd, Abigail
dc.description.abstractThe Kansas Statistical Abstract contains the latest available state, county, and city-level data for Kansas on population, vital statistics and health, housing, education, business and manufacturing, exports, employment, income, finance, state and local government, crime, recreation, communications, transportation, agriculture, climate, and energy and natural resources.
dc.publisherInstitute for Policy & Social Researchen_US
dc.rightsCopyright © 2019 by the Institute for Policy & Social Research, The University of Kansas, Blake Hall,1541 Lilac Lane, Room 607, Lawrence, Kansas 66045-3129.

Printing and reproduction of individual tables, chapters, or the full Kansas Statistical Abstract are permitted on the condition that sources are cited.
dc.titleKansas Statistical Abstract 2018 (53rd Edition)en_US
kusw.kuauthorInstitute for Policy & Social Research
kusw.kudepartmentInstitute for Policy & Social Researchen_US

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