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dc.contributor.advisorWegner, Jane R
dc.contributor.authorBroom, Rachel Anne
dc.description.abstractThis study assessed the procedures and methods of AAC assessments in the school setting and roles of speech-language pathologists in this process. A survey entitled “AAC Assessment Procedures in the Schools: A National Survey” was hosted online. Speech-language pathologists’ participation was solicited with assistance from state speech-language pathology organizations, various speech-language pathology Facebook groups, online community boards, and personal contacts of the researcher. A total of 109 individuals participated in this survey and provided demographic information, information about their involvement in the AAC assessment process in the school, information about the AAC assessment, their proficiency and experience with AAC, as well as the results of AAC assessments in their schools. The data from the survey revealed that less than half of speech-language pathologists working in the schools conduct AAC assessments. Participants reported that most assessments involve a team of individuals assessing the student for AAC. In addition, many participants reported that use of various systematic frameworks and tools to guide the AAC assessment process. Clinical implications for speech-language pathologists working in an educational setting include the need for speech-language pathologists to have the appropriate knowledge and skills required to provide AAC services. These speech-language pathologists especially need to be current in their knowledge of AAC systems as well as research pertaining to AAC.
dc.format.extent103 pages
dc.publisherUniversity of Kansas
dc.rightsCopyright held by the author.
dc.subjectSpeech therapy
dc.subjectSpecial education
dc.subjectaugmentative alternative
dc.subjectspeech language pathology
dc.titleAugmentative and Alternative Communication Assessment Process in the Schools: A National Survey
dc.contributor.cmtememberBrady, Nancy
dc.contributor.cmtememberGatts, Julie
dc.thesis.degreeDisciplineIntercampus Program in Communicative Disorders

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