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dc.contributor.advisorLane, Kathleen L
dc.contributor.authorSwogger Cantwell, Emily Dawn
dc.description.abstractNation-wide schools are moving towards multi-tiered systems of support in an effort to prevent and reduce students’ academic, behavioral and social challenges. In an effort to support schools with primary prevention or Tier 1, a project was designed in partnership with a school in a Midwest district to provide professional learning on evidence-based classroom management and instructional strategies. This paper presents the findings of a project, Managing Challenging Behaviors in Tiered Systems of Support: A Book Study, designed to support school-site faculty and staff in learning about the importance of addressing students’ academic, behavioral, and social needs in an integrated fashion. In this paper, we focus on one middle school’s journey as they conducted a book study, Managing challenging behaviors in schools: Research-based strategies that work (Lane, Menzies, Bruhn, & Crnobori, 2011), aimed at increasing their knowledge, confidence, and use of research-based strategies and practices.
dc.format.extent62 pages
dc.publisherUniversity of Kansas
dc.rightsCopyright held by the author.
dc.subjectSpecial education
dc.subjectSecondary education
dc.subjectClassroom Mangagement
dc.subjectThree-Tiered Models of Prevention
dc.subjectInstructional Strategies
dc.subjectLow- Intensity Supports
dc.subjectProfessional Development
dc.titleExamining teachers' knowledge, confidence, and use of classroom management and instructional strategies: A book study
dc.contributor.cmtememberSimpson, Richard
dc.contributor.cmtememberGriswold, Deborah E
dc.contributor.cmtememberOakes, Wendy P
dc.thesis.degreeDisciplineSpecial Education

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