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dc.contributor.authorWu, Runzhi
dc.contributor.authorSmidansky, Eric D.
dc.contributor.authorOh, Hyung Suk
dc.contributor.authorTakhampunya, Ratree
dc.contributor.authorPadmanabhan, Radhakrishnan
dc.contributor.authorCameron, Craig E.
dc.contributor.authorPeterson, Blake R.
dc.identifier.citationWu, R., Smidansky, E. D., Oh, H. S., Takhampunya, R., Padmanabhan, R., Cameron, C. E., & Peterson, B. R. (2010). Synthesis of a 6-Methyl-7-Deaza Analogue of Adenosine that Potently Inhibits Replication of Polio and Dengue Viruses. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 53(22), 7958–7966.
dc.description.abstractBioisosteric deaza analogues of 6-methyl-9-β-D-ribofuranosylpurine, a hydrophobic analogue of adenosine, were synthesized and evaluated for antiviral activity. Whereas the 1-deaza and 3-deaza analogues were essentially inactive in plaque assays of infectivity, a novel 7-deaza-6-methyl-9-β-D-ribofuranosylpurine analogue, structurally related to the natural product tubercidin, potently inhibited replication of poliovirus (PV) in HeLa cells (IC50 = 11 nM) and dengue virus (DENV) in Vero cells (IC50 = 62 nM). Selectivity against PV over cytotoxic effects to HeLa cells was >100-fold after incubation for 7 h. Mechanistic studies of the 5'-triphosphate of 7-deaza-6-methyl-9-β-D-ribofuranosylpurine revealed that this compound is an efficient substrate of PV RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRP) and is incorporated into RNA mimicking both ATP and GTP.en_US
dc.publisherAmerican Chemical Societyen_US
dc.rightsThis document is the Accepted Manuscript version of a Published Work that appeared in final form in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, copyright © American Chemical Society after peer review and technical editing by the publisher. To access the final edited and published work see
dc.titleSynthesis of a 6-Methyl-7-Deaza Analogue of Adenosine that Potently Inhibits Replication of Polio and Dengue Virusesen_US
kusw.kuauthorWu, Runzhi
kusw.kuauthorPeterson, Blake R.
kusw.kudepartmentMedicinal Chemistryen_US
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kusw.oaversionScholarly/refereed, author accepted manuscripten_US
kusw.oapolicyThis item meets KU Open Access policy criteria.en_US

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