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dc.contributor.authorBrowning, JoAnn
dc.contributor.authorDarwin, David
dc.contributor.authorReynolds, Diane
dc.contributor.authorPendergrass, Benjamin
dc.identifier.citationBrowning, J., Darwin, D., Reynolds, D., and Pendergrass, B., “Lightweight Aggregate as Internal Curing Agent to Limit Concrete Shrinkage,” ACI Materials Journal, Vol. 108, No. 6, Nov.-Dec. 2011, pp. 638-644.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe effectiveness of prewetted, vacuum-saturated (PVS) lightweight aggregate (LWA) as an internal curing agent to reduce concrete shrinkage is evaluated for curing periods of 7 and 14 days. Normalweight aggregate is replaced by LWA at volume replacement levels ranging from 8.9 to 13.8%. Some mixtures contain a partial replacement of portland cement with slag cement while maintaining the paste content at approximately 24.1% of concrete volume. Comparisons are made with mixtures containing low-absorption granite and high absorption limestone normalweight coarse aggregates. At the replacement levels used in this study, PVS LWA results in a small reduction in concrete density, no appreciable effect on concrete compressive strength, and a substantial decrease in concrete shrinkage for drying periods up to 365 days. Increasing the curing period from 7 to 14 days reduces concrete shrinkage. Thirty and 60% volume replacements of portland cement by slag cement result in reduced shrinkage when used with a porous LWA or normalweight aggregate. After 30 and 365 days of drying, all mixtures with LWA exhibited less shrinkage than the mixtures with either low- or high-absorption normalweight aggregates.en_US
dc.publisherAmerican Concrete Instituteen_US
dc.subjectBridge decksen_US
dc.subjectDrying shrinkageen_US
dc.subjectLightweight aggregateen_US
dc.subjectSlag cementen_US
dc.subjectVacuum saturationen_US
dc.titleLightweight Aggregate as Internal Curing Agent to Limit Concrete Shrinkageen_US
kusw.kuauthorDarwin, David
kusw.kudepartmentCivil/Environ/Arch Engineeringen_US
kusw.oanotes2016/01/06: The institute granted permission to share these on KU Scholarworks: From: Lequesne, Remy D Sent: Wednesday, January 06, 2016 10:13 AM To: Reed, Marianne A. <> Subject: RE: Question re: digital publishing


I’ve heard nothing but favorable feedback about getting the reports at into KU Scholarworks.

How do we get started? Can we try a couple and see how it goes?


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