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These portfolios have been developed by KU faculty members as part of the KU Writing Matters project.

Recent Submissions

  • Sequential Development of Writing Skills 

    Hale, Richard D. (KU Center for Teaching Excellence, 2004)
    Aerospace Engineering students use writing in a three-course sequence to develop critical thinking, reflective design, analysis, and communication skills.
  • Writing as a Primary Means for Learning 

    Atchley, Ruth Ann (KU Center for Teaching Excellence, 2004)
    The abstract nature of a psychology course prompts a professor to use writing as a primary means for learning.
  • Student Portfolios as Object and Process 

    Davis, Ray; Hummert, Raymond (KU Center for Teaching Excellence, 2004)
    Students in the KU Masters in Public Administration program develop portfolios to demonstrate their growth and their successful preparation for their professions.