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dc.contributor.advisorChotangafa, Gautham S
dc.contributor.authorChotangada, Gautham
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this thesis was to study aerogel blankets as building insulation. These blankets may potentially have lower thermal conductivities than conventional insulations. As such, two types of aerogel blankets were characterized and evaluated experimentally. This thesis documents the steps that were taken to analyze and understand the thermal performance of aerogel blankets for building insulation application. The results were obtained over one summer season under Midwestern U.S.A. weather conditions. It was found that the aerogel blankets reduced the peak heat fluxes by up to 22% and the daily heat flows by up to 35% when compared to a non-insulated wall. The aerogel blankets produced an average of 5% reduction in peak heat flux and an average daily heat flow reduction of 16% when compared to conventional insulation. The aerogel blankets did not perform as well as aerogel monoliths and showed marginal differences in heat flux reductions when compared to conventional insulation. It was concluded that the macro structure of the aerogel composites, quantity of aerogel, and granular size can influence the thermal conductivity of the blankets. Methods by which composite aerogels may be further developed and researched were noted.
dc.format.extent99 pages
dc.publisherUniversity of Kansas
dc.rightsCopyright held by the author.
dc.subjectArchitectural engineering
dc.titleEvaluation of Aerogel Composite Insulation by Characterization and Experimental Methods
dc.contributor.cmtememberMedina, Mario A
dc.contributor.cmtememberYoung, Bryan C
dc.contributor.cmtememberParsons, Robert L
dc.thesis.degreeDisciplineCivil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering

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