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dc.contributor.authorPeterson, Paul D.
dc.description.abstractOrganizational structural change can be used by today’s companies as a method for improving performance. While reorganization may be beneficial, the new structural design needs to be effective and implementation may be difficult due to employee resistance to change. To overcome these issues, employee empowerment initiatives can be utilized, allowing those whose jobs are affected be directly involved in creating the solution. Allowing employees to define their own organizational structure and roles can result in an effective plan for change that can be successfully implemented. Company X is an original equipment manufacturer of equipment for the food industry. The Engineering Department at Company X has grown over the years with little planning involving organizational structure. Company X management has challenged the department to improve its processes, leading to frustration among department members deriving from their inability to make improvements due to the current structure and job responsibilities. The purpose of this field project is to attempt to create an organizational restructuring plan for the Company X Engineering Department using a bottom-up, employee empowered approach. This plan will include details for using current resource levels as well as a plan for adding personnel. This field project paper presents a literature review of key themes involved in the restructuring efforts and the current department structure is examined. The process of the plan creation is detailed, including identifying department issues, soliciting management for goals, and creation of a current organizational structure and growth plan. Plan results are shared as well as conclusions from conducting the field project.
dc.titleEmpowering Employees to Design a Department Structure to Achieve Corporate Goals
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