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dc.contributor.authorGruber, Jaci
dc.description.abstractThe partners of the architectural design firm BJI will use the information put together in this marketing plan to help focus their efforts on building a client base and obtaining more work. In the past, BJI relied on their networking skills to obtain projects. While this is an effective means of communicating, the marketing plan will help focus their marketing efforts and direct their efforts to identify growing markets, potential customers within the market segments, and a means to monitor and control the plan.

The marketing plan begins with an overview of BJI, including a SWOT analysis to identify what BJI is doing well and what they can improve on. The marketing review and customer review will assist BJI in identifying what markets are growing and what customers to pursue within those markets. Currently, revenue for architectural design services in the non-residential markets is increasing, which means there are opportunities in the industrial, commercial, and institutional markets. BJI fill focus on the market segments in which they have the most recent design experience, which is education and commercial (office / retail).

The plan will also assist the young company to identify the competitive advantage they have over their competitors, and the value they can give to their clients, which BJI believes is the team they will build with their customers.

Finally, the plan includes a means to monitor and adjust the marketing plan if the market should change or the amount of projects and customers does not meet the goals of the firm.
dc.titleMarketing Plan for BJI Architectural Design Firm
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