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dc.contributor.authorBaron, Frank
dc.contributor.authorBlumb, Jon
dc.identifier.citationBaron, Frank and Blumb, Jon. Albert Bloch and the Blue Rider: The Munich Years (Lawrence, KS: Jayhawk Ink, The University of Kansas, 2014)
dc.descriptionThis is the online version of the book; the images of Albert Bloch’s paintings are included only in the printed edition. The printed edition is available from Jayhawk Ink at
dc.description.abstractAlbert Bloch, together with Wassily Kandinsky and Franz Marc, participated in one of the most significant art shows of the twentieth century, the Blue Rider exhibition of Munich in 1911–1912. Subsequently this American artist from St. Louis also exhibited with Paul Klee. During the decade from 1910 to 1920 Bloch contributed to at least forty European exhibitions. The present publication provides an overview of this period of Bloch’s career. Thanks to an original photographic record of 140 paintings from that period, we are able to recover the evolution of his art in the context of a most innovative period of modern art.
dc.publisherThe University of Kansas, Jayhawk Ink
dc.subjectBloch, Albert
dc.subjectBlue Rider
dc.subjectMarc, Franz
dc.subjectKandinsky, Wassily
dc.titleAlbert Bloch and the Blue Rider: The Munich Years
kusw.kuauthorBaron, Frank
kusw.kudepartmentGermanic Languages and Literatures
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